LA Horror Presents: Matthew Wade

WHO:  Matthew Wade, Filmmaker/Animator/Musician



“The Fly (1958)”

“The Curse of the Cat People”

Matthew Wade filming “It Shines and Shakes and Laughs”

Matthew Wade’s films and animations will give you a very strange feeling in the pit of your stomach and often leave you with more questions than answers.  And while his work has been billed as “horror” in many festivals, that wasn’t necessarily his intention.

“I thought ‘Tinkermen’ was more of a comedy and then it was only getting slated in horror film festivals…same thing with ‘Krawll,’” Wade told  And while Wade may not have sought out to make horror films, he doesn’t mind the different interpretations of his work.  Unlike traditional story arcs and structure, Wade throws bizarre and often unsettling images at his viewers and allows them to make up their own minds.

“I like the David Lynch approach of letting your audience have their own experience with it…Spelling it out, I think, ruins a lot of what people could take away from it on a personal level…You just wanna let people experience it however they choose to experience it.”

And Wade’s films are an experience.  His style is gritty and old school.  He doesn’t use digital cameras and prefers to use analog recordings.  His soundtracks are often recorded with his collection of vintage keyboards and sythesizers by himself and long time friend and sound designer, Jacob Kinch.  Together they create a rich, crisp world of sound, which Wade feels is just as important as what is seen on screen.  “When I come up with the visuals early on, they’re usually accompanied by some sort of sound choice…I love sound in movies…I like to absorb all of it.  I’m really into sound.  It totally makes the atmosphere come alive.” found Wade’s films to be a horrifying experience, but don’t take our word for it.  Watch them and decide for yourself.

Matthew Wade is currently in pre-production on his first horror feature and is scheduled to film in October.  For more information on his films, animations and music, please visit his official website.

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