LA Horror Presents: Carnival Pictures

Alexander G. Seyum has been a horror fan for life.  He remembers fondly his days as a child watching Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on VHS…over and over and over again.  After all, it was the first horror movie he ever saw and one that has stuck with him ever since.  But as Seyum grew older, he fell into the real world trap, putting his ambitions and dreams of filmmaking aside for a more practical profession.  And after five years of working in construction, he experienced a sort-of blessing in disguise.

“I was basically laid off for about a year and a half and then at that time I was saying, ‘Well, what do I really want to do with myself?  Am I really gonna, you know, stick to construction for the rest of my life or am I really gonna make a change and do film?’” Seyum told  And after his brother talked to him about the LA Film School in Hollywood, Seyum took the step and enrolled.  It was then that Carnival Pictures was created.

His first film he made was “Darkmoon,” a campy yet sinister werewolf flick.  “I was inspired by ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Sliver Bullet’…I used that old school 80s type of filmmaking when I did that short film.  That was the first one I ever wrote produced and directed.  I ended up being one of the top winners in the California Film Awards in 2010,” Seyum said.  “I wanted to create my first movie monster.”

In Seyum’s next film, the monster was less of flesh and blood and more in spirit.  “A Midnightmare” was his thesis film at the LA Film School and ended up being a finalist in The Directors Circle Festival of Shorts in 2011.

And while he has found success in directing horror, he knows it’s always wise to keep his options open.  “My first genre is horror.  Always will be horror.  But I can also do comedy; I can also do drama.”

Seyum is also a talented poet with a self-published book.  And while his poetry is not strictly horror, it does involve dark themes and struggles of good versus evil.  His poetry was also notably featured in the Midnight Black International Festival of Darkness in 2011.

Seyum and his production company, Carnival Pictures, are currently developing an urban crime-drama coming soon.  You can also check out Seyum’s latest piece, “El Cartel” here.

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