LA Horror Presents: Alexander K. Harris

Alexander K. Harris

Alexander K. Harris is a man of many talents and utilizes a multitude of avenues to spread his love for horror.  His photography, graphic design, filmmaking and music composition all have a dark and often gory side to them and certainly are a throwback to the 80s horror mold and style.  And as a new resident of Los Angeles, he is eager to show the horror world exactly what he can do.

“I want to make horror movie posters for a living; that’s why I moved out here,” Harris told  “One of my big influences is, like, 80s “B” films…I like the way that movie posters for those films look…I like to recreate different types of movie poster type images.”

And he fooled us!  Prior to speaking with Harris, we were certain his images were actually movies he was commissioned to design for, but they are, in fact, his own creations.  But that’s the reason his work is so fascinating.  His process is simple, yet effective. He layers images he takes of models with often hand drawn art and designs to create a collage of the macabre. His portfolio was even large enough to create his own clothing line, “Chainsaw Mouth,” where you can purchase these images on T-Shirts as well as a multitude of accessories with a morbid edge.











“Chainsaw Mouth is a company that me and my wife started a little over a year ago…I was going to a lot of conventions and stuff like that and I noticed that there was never anything for guys…it was pretty much band shirts or movie shirts and that’s it.  And people don’t seem to buy art a whole lot with the way the economy is right now, so I decided to start putting my stuff on T-shirts….a “B” horror movie type brand,” Harris said.

And aside from his successful indie-line, he is always seeking to expand his portfolio with new images, often covering his models with blood and putting them in horrific scenarios—not literally, of course.  “[The models are] just excited to do something that’s going to look extremely different…If you’re looking for something that’s gonna really pop out in a portfolio, this is gonna be it, because there’s not a lot of people doing this stuff.  The normal girls love to be covered in blood,” Harris said.












And while his design and photography are extremely unique and horrific, Harris also writes and records his own music through the name “Prehumanity.”  Described as industrial, his tracks certainly have a horror vibe, which Harris strives for.   His music could easily be a catchy theme for any genre of horror movie and Harris welcomes the idea of contributing to the soundtracks of horror films.  “So far I have not scored any films, but that’s what I’m hoping to get into in the very near future,” Harris said.  And after listening to his sample soundtracks, you can’t help but imagine a blood soaked girl running from a monster in the woods.  Harris also notably directs his own music videos aside from creating each recording.

To view Alexander K. Harris’ full portfolio as well as samples of his horror soundtracks, please visit his official website.  You can also check out more “Prehumanity” tracks on iTunes.  Also check out his clothing and accessories line, “Chainsaw Mouth.”

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