LA Horror Presents: Christopher Villa

Christopher Villa and his Robot.

Since this website went live a couple of months ago, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of LA’s most talented, inspiring and absolutely terrifying horror artists.  From actors to writers to filmmakers and more, we’ve met someone for nearly every platform of horror art and expression.  But, today’s featured artist, a gentleman by the name of Christopher Villa, shows us just how deep a love for horror can go and how it can manifest itself in a variety of different platforms.

“I had a real inclination towards the darker side of art…my whole family has always looked at me as not only the black sheep, but the dark sheep,” Villa told lightheartedly.  And who can blame them?   Villa not only shares the same birthday as one of his greatest inspirations, Edgar Allen Poe, but has also spent his entire career feeding his fascination of horror.  He utilizes multiple mediums to satisfy his inner darkness in both the form of a hobby and a profession.

“I really had a career in the theater for more than 30 years as a choreographer of stage combat and duels and fight scenes and slap-stick comedy, but through the whole period, I always worked on some type of project that had access to the darker sides of my own nature, whether it was a drawing or sculptures or something else,” Villa said.  And through those various forms of expression Villa has created a diverse portfolio of horrific pieces, which include poetry, sculpture, paintings, music and plays.

“In terms of creativity as an artist, I felt like if I ever get blocked up in one area, all I had to do was just switch media and that block no longer existed, and I would pursue that particular style of art for a while until I got blocked up there…and everything kind of steered off to the dark side no matter what I tried to do,” Villa said.

And Villa has truly embraced that dark side and let it steer his creativity.  He is open to its energy and allows it to take hold of his artistic process.  Take for instance his sculptures, “Yargoth” and “Garg.”  Based on characters from one of his own plays, these pieces were crafted with a free form process led by the imagination.  “I don’t really sketch that [many] pre-production sketches in my art.  I really like to let my hands kind of tell me where I’m going with it.  My hands created the gargoyle that you see,” Villa explained of his process.  Each figure stands at roughly 11 inches tall, though Villa has been commissioned to do work much larger than that (see the picture at the top of this story if you don’t believe us).

Yargoth, The Forgotten Guardian

Garg, The Gargoyle












And the true delight of Villa’s work is not only in the pieces themselves, but his entire approach to the creation of art in general.  He believes there is no reason for inspired individuals to deny their desire to create.  “Art manifests itself through you.  Many people have artistic ability, but most of them repress it in order to fit in….there’s a cubicle of society that they want to fit into and I never felt like I had to fit into this cubicle,” Villa said.  Take note, young horror lovers.

And on a closing note, we’d like to part ways with Christopher Villa by sharing one of his haunting poems.  And if you’re a horror lover like us, we know you’ll love it to death…

































To view more of Christopher Villa’s creations and poetry, please visit Capriquarius Arts on Etsy.  You can also listen to some of Villa’s original music here.

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