A Few Quick Updates from LAHorror.com

Hey horror lovers, how’s it going??

Just wanted to give you all a few quick updates! We apologize for our lack of posts this past couple of weeks – life has been pretty wild and a lot of craziness has been happening. However, just wanted to give you a couple things to look forward to:

We have gone into pre-production for our first original short film, a nasty little story about a very bad man. Written by Dustin Puehler and produced by our team at LAHorror.com, we hope you will enjoy. Stay tuned for more.

You can expect some new reviews and behind the scenes looks into some seriously sick looking horror films including “Revenant,” “Lesser Miracles,” “The Employer,” “Dead Inside” and more. Get ready for a flurry of new indie horror coming your way.

Also, we had the chance to chat with the team from Seraph Films, a very excellent group of filmmakers who love to dabble in horror. They have a new film that just wrapped and we’ll be sharing just a little bit about it – it looks GNARLY.

Stay tuned, thanks for checking in with LAHorror.com and get keep supporting independent horror!!

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