LA Horror Presents: Deborah Blount

It’s always exciting to discover new and thought provoking horror and meeting the minds behind the madness.  We’ve featured many talented and super sinister horror artists on, and we thought we’d take the time to introduce you to another.  Deborah Blount is a woman of many talents, and her obsession with darkness is pretty damn powerful.  She spins a unique web of violent horror mixed with soft femininity that creates a pretty delicious blend in your imagination.  We caught up with Blount to peek into her dark imagination full of monsters, demons and creatures of the night, not to say that her work doesn’t speak for itself…








“I started drawing when I was real little; like maybe around six years old,” Blount told  “Drew horses and animals, other cute stuff.  It was in High School that I started realizing I had this weird twisted mind and a knack for juxtaposing images. Had an awesome art teacher from somewhere in the UK who really brought out my creativity; we drew ‘still life’ with skulls, dead things in jars and other bizarre stuff. It was great!”  And the seed was planted.  Now it has blossomed into a portfolio full of the violent and bizarre, sexual and strange, life and death.








And there’s a method to the madness.  Naturally loud music plays a role, but you could almost say that once the creative spider bites, Blount loses herself in her work.  “I get an idea, start to draw and before I know it, I’m totally in my zone.  Everything else around me just sorta melts away and there’s nothing left except me, my art and my music.  It’s almost trance-like, and I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing until I’m done sometimes.”  Before long, the images that lay in Blount’s imagination are bleeding onto the page.  They are pretty gnarly creations that she puts together using pretty much whatever she can get her hands on.  “My favorite is pen and ink.  You know the old fashioned dip in the ink well kind…”  That being said, she doesn’t seem to have any issues creating grisly works of art using paint, charcoal, acrylic–you name it.  Her pieces have ranged from simple sketches to full blown murals.  Pretty wild stuff.

And when she’s not painting?  She writes equally intriguing poetry with a dark twist.  It makes for a wicked combination.

Gleaming eyes dripping

Staring sightless with each hot breathless stench

Windowless souls of an empty room

Glaring at the waxing moon

Passion gripping from deep inside

Glistening juicy, open wide!

Yawning sweet mouth of decay

Dark and empty steals the day

Rotting corpses ride the night

Bringing back smells of fright.


Blount describes herself as a surrealist, and that’s one interesting aspect to not only her work, but to the rules that we play by in this genre of horror that we all enjoy so much.  It’s a nice reminder to always imagine and think about everything as a worldly possibility.  Fantasy, danger and uncensored imagination–these are the feelings that these images arouse and they’re almost mesmerizing themselves…her work certainly evokes some pretty wild emotions in it’s viewer, which is exactly her goal.  “I want the viewer to stay as long as they can inside each drawing and let the images sink into their psyche.”  And they sink in, settle down and plant themselves inside…enjoy horror lovers!

To view more work from Deborah Blount please visit her official website.  You can also purchase prints and see her latest works on Facebook and Twitter.

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