HS 9 9:14Hunter Johnson (creator) is a horror filmmaker and actor residing in Los Angeles, CA.  Originally from Milwaukee, Johnson has been acting and making horror content.  After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, he has been pursuing a career in horror filmmaking and producing.  His directorial debut, “2 Jennifer,” was released in 2016.  Currently his second directed feature, “Serena Waits” is in post production, and his third feature, “Irrational Fear,” is in preproduction.  Both are due out in 2017.  Check out his full credits on IMDB and be sure to follow Johnson on Twitter.

Megan Perrin (editor) is a 2010 graduate of Loyola University Chicago where she majored in Communications and Theatre. She likes horror films that make her “jump” rather than gross her out. Some of her favorites include “The Others,” “Black Christmas,” John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and “Insidious.” What is she most scared of? Heights, spiders, the dark and jorts.

Paul Stephen EdwardsPaul Stephen Edwards (features, reviewer) is a filmmaker whose work scatters the darkest corners of the internet.  Some of it is available here.  He has written for Comic Book Resources, Part-Time Fanboy, and the now defunct Cinemayhem back in the days of Web 1.0.  He is on Twitter here, Facebook here, and IMDB here.  He understands the secret languages of crows and spiders, but he will not share this knowledge with anyone.


Mikhail Zakharchuk (production) has always been fascinated by both films and music, so he has dedicated his life to producing something he loves and has fun doing.  He currently works as a freelance camera operator, video editor and music producer in the Los Angeles area.  Aside from filming interviews for, he shoots music videos, promotional videos and web series for Knockouts Network.  Check out his work at

LeviLevi Caleb Smith (reviewer) grew up with a passion for all things horror. From the local lore of his Florida roots to literature and film, he is ever in pursuit of that which is scary, and, in particular, the nostalgic fears of youth. His inspirations and aspirations are a product of such things. He currently works freelance in film production and post-production, but seeks to be involved exclusively with independent horror films. His favorite films are “Pumpkinhead” and “Tremors.”



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