Featured Horror Projects

We love spreading the word about nasty horror projects.  If you have one, we’d like to share it.  Whether it’s just an idea in your head or fully complete, tell us about it and we may feature your project on LAHorror.com.

Deadly Revisions” (feature film coming soon)

The Funny Man”  (web series)

Bunnyman 2”  (filmmaker interview)

D&F3R:  Dead and Floating in Three Rivers”  (short film)

Survivor Type”  (filmmaker interview)

Survivor Type” (festival trailer)

Rigamortis:  A Zombie Love Story”  (short film)

“Before You”  (music video)

“The Cohasset Snuff Film” (feature film coming soon)

The Baby” (short film)

How the Sky Will Melt”  (feature film coming soon)

Summer of the Zombies” (short film)

Teddy” (short film)

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You” (parody trailer)

Don’t Go To The Reunion” (filmmaker interview)

Lesser Miracles” (feature film trailer)

The Devil’s Tree” (filmmaker interview)

An American Ghost Story” (feature film trailer)

Twixt #Nightmares” (feature film trailer)

Kings of Horror” (web series from ShockTillYouDrop!)

ABCs of Death 2” (short film collection)

The Best There Ever Was” (promotional film trailer)

Tiny Dancer”  (short film)

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds”  (promotional film trailer)

Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse”  (music video)

How the Sky Will Melt” (teaser trailer)

Dismembering Christmas” (feature film)

Reality” (feature film)

Bunnyman 3” (feature film coming soon)

H E R E T I C” (live horror experience)

Confessions of a Midnight Killer” (live horror experience)

Restoration & Bethany” (feature film announcement)

Bethany” (behind the scenes exclusive from FilmCourage.com)

Deadly Reunion” (feature film contest)

Survive” (feature film)

Ginger Christ” (web series)

Ugly Sweater Party” (feature horror film coming soon)

Restoration” (feature film – Available Now!)

#FromJennifer” (feature horror film coming soon)

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