Featured Horror Artists

These are some of the featured horror artists that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting through LAHorror.com.  Check out these talented artists and horror creators as we get the inside scoop and the inspirations behind their madness.  If you’re a horror artist and you’d like to be featured on LAHorror.com, send us some links to your work and we’ll arrange an interview.  In the meantime, check out these unbelievable artists who have a passion for terror!

Liesel Kopp (actor)


Charles Pieper (artist, filmmaker, animator)


Matthew Wade (filmmaker, musician)

Nick Everhart directs actress Elizabeth Masucci in "Slash-In-The-Box"

Nick Everhart (filmmaker)


Lior Molcho (make-up artist, director)

Can You Say Sith Lord

Timothy L. Raynor (actor, stuntman, fight choreographer)


Paul Hart-Wilden (writer, director)

RED oic

Alexander G. Seyum (filmmaker)

George Streicher and Bruce Spielbauer on the set of "The Laughing Window"

George Streicher (filmmaker, composer)  Bruce Spielbauer (actor)


Peter Dukes (filmmaker)

Alexander K. Harris

Alexander K Harris (artist, filmmaker, musician, designer)


Will Penny (cartoonist)

Christopher Villa and his Robot.

Christopher Villa (poet, sculptor, musician)


Edward Payson (filmmaker)


C.J. Duke (artist, writer, filmmaker)

Deborah Blount (artist)

Sarah Hartmann (artist)

James Cullen Bressack (filmmaker)

One response to “Featured Horror Artists

  1. Hey, just wanted to give you an update on my new Horror Sculpture series:The Monsters Within. The first in the series is The Monster Within, photos of which appear on my facebook page: Christopher Villa/Mobile Uploads. Next up is Dark Sister. Also, my Gothic Poetry Books, Kiss Of The Vampire and Black Cross will be on sale for Xmas: 2 for 1 with free Shipping if you contact me through facebook. My poetry and sculptures are available on etsy.com/capriquariusarts. I’ll be in LA this weekend for a Steampunk Convention at LAX Hilton doing a Steampunk Martial Arts Demo. Any filmmakers interested in help handling the violence for their projects are also invited to contact me for assistance or advice. Thanks, and have a bloody good time over the holidays.

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