LA Horror Review: “Horror Haiku” (A web series by Seraph Films)

I’ll be honest – this is probably one of the more original ideas for a horror project I’ve ever seen.  I mean, how often do we get a combination of unique poetry AND grisly horror?  It’s a devilish delight and something that the team at Seraph Films has mastered in their weekly web series entitled “Horror Haiku.”  In these beautiful and often gory segments, Seraph Films invites their audience to participate in the carnage by submitting original and horrific haiku’s, which they in turn translate into a brief but chilling episode.  And chilling is putting it lightly…this series is seriously freaky.

Much of the success of “Horror Haiku” can be attributed to director Gene Blalock’s keen attention to detail and some seriously clever filmmaking.  It’s pretty impressive the punch that each episode of “Horror Haiku” can dish out in the amount of time it has.  I mean, I’m talking murder, monsters, ghosts and tons of blood, each episode begins with an introduction from your horror hosts (a beautiful and sinful seductress and a God fearing priest) and leads to the meat of each episode which basically consists of one long, well staged and menacing shot.  It’s really quite enjoyable and provides you with that quick jolt of horror that every fan needs!

I’ve hand selected my two favorites to share, but in all honesty they’re all consistently good, much like the rest of the work from Seraph Films.  Check this out!

You see what I’m saying??  It’s a two minute in your face horror show that does not disappoint!


Watch “Horror Haiku!”

And if you don’t, Satan comes.

Goodbye to your soul…

Be sure to check out Seraph Films on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and of course subscribe to their Youtube Channel.  For more information about Seraph Films as well as more original horror, visit their official website.

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