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LAHorror.com is a production company specializing in micro budget, character driven horror films.  We have completed multiple feature length horror films, documentaries, short films & web series.  We have access to top gear, talent and hustle.

If you are interested in collaborating, reach out, but keep in mind we do not fund outside projects, nor will we read unsolicited screenplays.  If you have a project you’d like to pitch, send us the log line and any other relevant information and we will get back to you if interested.

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Further inquiries, submissions, death threats and love notes can be sent to Hunter Johnson here: LAHorrorcom@gmail.com.

One response to “About / Contact / FAQs

  1. Any way I could get my OOAK Dark Dollz here? A while back I was interviewed by someone here…you? Can’t remember LOL…since then, I’ve been creating OOAK Dark Dolls. Also, since it says “love notes”…Love ya!
    No threats from this writer! 🙂

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