LA Horror Review: “Drunk Zombies”

Crack open a beer for this one, everybody.  It might save your life.

If you’re a horror lover, then I can reasonably assume you’re a zombie lover.  It goes hand in hand.  And while there are have been lots of different takes on the flesh eating genre, Alex Napiwocki‘s “Drunk Zombies” may be the perfect little zombie film to catch a buzz.


The premise is familiar, you guessed it, zombie apocalypse.  But our heroes in this film are anything but ordinary.  Two guys who happen to be several years sober, trying to turn their lives around, only to find out that flesh eaters are everywhere and that the only safe haven is a bar.  And not because of strong doors or locks, but because in Napiwocki’s world, zombies won’t attack you if you’re stupid, black out drunk.  Spoiler alert:  these guys don’t stay sober for very long.

Alex & Jerry sum up the zombies.jpg

I laughed out loud during this film several times.  The premise alone gets me – stay drunk, stay alive.  It’s that simple.  Leaning off of other great zombie films before it, “Shaun of the Dead” & “Night of the Living Dead” being two apparent influences, Napiwocki walks the line of telling a familiar story with his own unique spin.  He is aided by the fact that the actors in this film (Napiwocki himself and fellow sober buddy Jerry Pierce), do a fantastic job leading this buddy zombie comedy and keeping it engaging with humor, music & of course slamming tons of beers.  Also some major props go to Noel Jason Scott, who plays one of the lead zombies with ferocity and nastiness.  GREAT zombie acting.

Noel Jason Scott.jpg

“Drunk Zombies” is the first film from Safety Meeting Productions, helmed by Napiwocki and fellow producer Richard Trejo, and it’s a great first entry to their film cannon.  While “Drunk Zombies” is obviously a labor of love for these two, it feels bigger than it probably  was, and left me wanting to see more of this story.  The cliffhanger ending alone makes me want to find out what happens next, and the production value in this film is fantastic for an ULB short.  Great sets, great make up FX, great performances and plenty of zombies.  What else do you want??

I loved “Drunk Zombies.”  It’s a new take on the zombie sub genre that will get you nice and tipsy.  Fans of horror, zombies and alcohol will no doubt love this film.  It’s funny, unique and features some terrifying flesh eaters.  I do hope to see more of this story down the road as the potential is very strong.  Props to Napiwocki and Trejo for getting this piece done – DEFINITELY keep your eyes peeled for this one.  Cannot wait to see what else is in store for Safety Meeting Productions.

Cast & Crew - DRUNK ZOMBIES.jpg

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“2 JENNIFER” – AVAILABLE NOW! (Reviews, Video Interviews)

I cannot wait for you all to see our first feature length horror film, “2 Jennifer.”  Our film has dropped!

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Check out what the critics have been saying about the film below as well as some behind the scenes interviews below!

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Deadline Hollywood Drops “2 Jennifer” Distribution Exclusive!

“…a worthy sequel that is filled with an honest helping of bloody madness.”  –

2 Jennifer is the perfect horror sequel with massive appeal to those who follow the independent horror scene. It’s well written, chilling and frightening when you think that the scenario pictured within could happen in real life.”  –

“So the performances from the small cast of actors here feel spot on and natural and I was unsure whether there was a scene ad libbed or scripted because it just felt naturalistic.” –

“The final moments when Johnson goes off the deep end are horrifying and while 2 Jennifer might not be a perfect film, it is successful in characterizing a psychopath that will get under your skin and haunt you for nights to come after viewing.”  –Ain’t It Cool News

“Successfully recapturing the homemade, down and dirty look and feel of Bressack’s original film, 2 Jennifer is a worthy successor to the iPhone murder crown.”  –

“I can’t speak highly enough about [Lara Jean] Mummert. Beguiling, sardonic, fierce. I just love her.”  –

“From the very first scene to the very last, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.”  –

“…one the most sick and disturbing films I’ve seen in a long time”  –Sinful Celluloid

2 Jennifer might be an unexpected sequel but it is certainly a good one.”  –

“As Spencer start to unravel is when the tale begins to pick up a dangerous and unpredictable amount of steam, energizing a massive, ominous train of horror and lunacy that funnels down a twisted tunnel of reality disconnecting tragedy.”  –

“[Hunter Johnson] wears the actor and director hat really well.”  –

“I’d implore everyone who is a fan of horror to give this a try, as I’m sure you wont be disappointed!”  –

“Quite a cool movie, actually.”  –

“I found myself completely riveted.”  –

2 Jennifer is a surprisingly effective exercise in low-budget horror, and a disturbing portrait of a mind in pieces.” –The PC Score Card (*spoilers*)

“All in all, I was highly impressed with 2 Jennifer and have recommended it since watching.  It is very unique and it even had a few disturbing twists and turns that you will totally not expect!”  –

2 Jennifer Poster 1.1

2 Jennifer Promo 1.2

2 Jennifer Promo 1.4

2 Jennifer Promo 1.6

Zack Ward’s “Restoration” – DVD available now!

Last year, I had the immense pleasure of being an Associate Producer on Zack Ward‘s debut feature horror film, “Restoration.” The film has been KILLING it on iTunes, sitting in the top 10 horror films for several weeks, and rightfully so. “Restoration” is a fantastic horror film that relies on characters and story over cheap scares and gimmicks, something that is refreshing to see in this genre.

Produced by Ward and indie horror stud James Cullen Bressack, this film has quickly become one of my new favorites. Yes, I understand that I am bias because I worked on the production, but that being said I know a strong horror film when I see one. I knew this film would be good when I first read the script, but now that I have seen the final product I can easily say this is one of the best horror films I’ve ever been a part of.

The driving force behind “Restoration” are the performers. Lead by Emily O’Brien and newcomer Adrian Gaeta, along with a chilling performance from Ward himself, this emotion filled horror flick will definitely get under your skin and truly make you root for the heroes of the film. Gaeta and O’Brien’s chemistry is electric, and isn’t horror so much more fun when you actually care about the characters in these frightening situations?

If you haven’t had a chance to see this one yet, please check it out. I won’t go into the plot as you should discover what happens in this film along with the characters. Trust me, you’re gonna dig it.

Hats off to Ward for an impressive debut. “Restoration” is not to be missed.

Purchase your copy of “Restoration” here! Be sure to follow director Zack Ward on Twitter & Instagram.

2 Jennifer – coming to VOD / Digital Streaming August 19th!

We are extremely excited to share that our first feature length horror film, “2 Jennifer,” will be coming to VOD / Digital Streaming services on August 19th through Sector 5 Films!

Watch the trailer here:

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for our film, read what the critics have been saying here, and hashtag #2Jennifer for a shout out on our twitter page!

2 Jennifer – Cover Art Revealed!

Earlier this month, Deadline dropped the news that original feature film, “2 Jennifer,” has been picked up for distribution from  Sector 5 Films!  We are so stoked to be working with Sector 5 Films and cannot wait for the world to see this movie!  We wanted to share our new poster so you can keep your eyes out for it…the film is expected to be released later this year.

2 Jennifer FRT

Also be sure to check the official trailer from Sector 5 Films.  Thanks so much for your support on this project, and keep your eyes peeled as there’s a LOT more news about this project #comingsoon…


2 Jennifer – Trailer / World Premiere Announced!

We are extremely excited to announce the world premiere of’s first feature film, “2 Jennifer,” as well as dropping our official trailer for the project!  “2 Jennifer” is an “R” rated feature horror film.

2 Jennifer Promo 2

Synopsis:  “Two filmmakers attempt to make the perfect sequel to “To Jennifer,” however a dark secret threatens the lives of everyone involved. Jennifer, a beautiful actress, now has two options: become the heroine of the film or face a brutal death.”

Our film is a sequel to James Cullen Bressack‘s 2013 cult horror flick “To Jennifer” (trailer).  It is shot entirely on the iPhone 6 in three different states.  The film stars Hunter Johnson, David Coupe & Lara Jean Mummert.  The film also features a fantastic supporting cast led by Felissa Rose, Erin Marie Hogan, as well as “To Jennifer” alums Bressack, Jarrett Furst and Jody Barton.  The film was produced by Frank Merle (The Employertrailer).

2 Jennifer Promo 5

2 Jennifer has received quality reviews from,, &, among others.  We are extremely excited to invite YOU to our free world premiere screening in West Hollywood with our cast & crew!  Here’s the info:

Date:  January 29th, 2016

Time:  8:30pm screening, 7:30pm photos

Location:  The Actors Company, 916 A North Formosa Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

To RSVP:  E-mail “” with guest names.  Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis.

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“Ugly Sweater Party” – A New Holiday Horror Filming Soon!

Christmas time is right around the corner, horror lovers! Maybe this year you’re going to visit the family, perhaps you’re going on a trip, or maybe, just maaaybe, you’re going to be drinking spiked egg nog at an Ugly Sweater Party?? Well, that seems to be the plan for writer/director Aaron Mento, who is officially in preproduction for the feature length horror comedy, “Ugly Sweater Party”! This film is being produced by Mento, Charles Chudabala and myself (Hunter Johnson), and we are stoked to bring some serious holiday fear in 2016!


Ugly Sweater Party will be the second feature film from Mento & Ocular Migraine Productions, who entered the scene with his thought provoking horror comedy “Standards of Living.” Recently, he created the popular horror web series “Choose Their Kill,” partnered with CryptTV.  Now he’s back with a frosty new vision of Christmas terror! We’ve been quietly working on this film for some time, and now that we are officially gearing up to film, we had to share! Here’s the logline:

An ugly sweater party turns into a bloodbath when an evil Christmas sweater possesses one of the partygoers…

Starring in the film is horror scream queen Felissa Rose, Tiffani Fest, Lara Jean Mummert, Marv Blauvelt, Matt Holbrook, Chudabala and myself…along with some other familiar faces to be announced very soon! The film will be shot by Paul Stephen Edwards.


If you enjoy “R” rated horror loaded with GORE, demonic psycho killers, blood thirsty revenge and plenty of ugly sweaters, then for the sake of Jesus’ birthday keep up with our project! We’ll keep you up to date on everything happening with this film right here on, but give us an early Christmas present and follow “Ugly Sweater Party” on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram! Everyone’s invited to the party!