Behead-itorials / VHS

My girlfriend Amanda & I started our TikTok channel, @VHSParty!

Follow our journey of collecting rare and awesome VHS tapes!

Every once in a while we like to share our thoughts on various horror topics and our favorites found only on VHS.  Check out our thoughts below and let us know if you agree or disagree.  And if you have an article or “Behead-itorial” of your own, send it our way and we’ll feature it on


Five Horror Films that Will Never (or Should Never) be Remade

Why Do You Love Horror?

Alien/Predator Marathon

Yeah – It’s a Zombie Cake

“Ten Reasons Some Scary Movies Can Be Okay for Kids”

Three Horror Films You May Not Have Seen…(but you absolutely should)

Connecting the Evil Dead Series (a short video by Horror Films 101)

Real life Horror

Four Horror Films That We’re Dying to See

Women in Horror:  Angela Baker (hosted by Slasher Studios)

VHS SPOTLIGHT SERIES (written by Alex Ray)


VHS SPOTLIGHT:  “Demonwarp”


VHS SPOTLIGHT:  “Spookies”


VHS SPOTLIGHT:  “Some Nudity Required”


VHS SPOTLIGHT:  “Evils of the Night”



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