LA Horror Review: “Masked” – a short horror film by Random Axe Entertainment

Things aren’t always what they seem in horror films, right?  I always love when a film has a great twist, especially in a horror flick.  “Masked,” a terrific short horror flick from writer/director Alex Williams, gives us a great slow burn and then an impressive one two punch.  The film runs for about 20 minutes, which is really a perfect length for a project like this, lending to its “The Twilight Zone” vibe that kept me on my toes throughout.  While “Masked” keeps the gore to a minimum, it makes up for it with an impending sense of dread and confusion, enhanced by a solid performance from leading man Luis Rodriguez and an eclectic, haunting soundtrack.  The story is pretty damn intense and the writing is legit – it goes to show how a great script can add to a film’s overall success.  Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself, and for God’s sake go hug your wife and kids tonight!

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