LA Horror Review: “Dismembering Christmas”

Happy Holidays Horror Lovers!  And no, I’m not talking about Halloween – I’m talking about that oh so snowy Christmas time that we all love and enjoy!  Sure, it’s a couple of months away, but Slasher Studios, the team behind favorite “Don’t Go To The Reunion,” has started the celebration early with their new feature length horror film, “Dismembering Christmas!”

Long story short, we’ve got seven high school friends who meet up to party at a swanky cabin, stocked with liquor. They meet several sketchy locals, drink a couple too many and start to get iced one by one.  What’s truly enjoyable about this flick, and the slasher genre in general, is trying to guess who will be next, and not only that but who is behind the killings themselves.  It’s a classic slasher mystery that plays very nicely.

The strongest part of “Dismembering Christmas,” and also the aspect that takes this film to a higher level, is the superb direction from Austin Bosley, coupled with stellar cinematography from Anthony Hawn and Jordan Hiller.  There are several fantastic sequences throughout the film that are a fright, and some very well choreographed scenes involving the killer and victims kept me on the edge of my seat, often without the cut of the camera.  For the most part, this film is beautiful, playing up the snowy setting and making use of the entire space of the setting in a very enjoyable way.  Being Bosley’s feature film debut, he crafts suspense like a true vet of the genre.  “Dismembering Christmas” is damn gory, hella suspenseful, and does much more than pay homage to the great Christmas horror flicks that paved the way for it – it invites itself to the  party and spikes the damn egg nog.

Let’s move onto the kills.  FANTASTIC kills.  What I loved about them is that they were all fun and surprising, several kills literally made me think “well, I didn’t see that coming.”  And much to my sick delight, neither do the characters.  Each one is unique and wintery, playing heavily into the Christmas theme of the movie.  You gotta love that.  On top of that, the “Dismembering Christmas” killer is bone chilling – the costume and mask choices lend to a truly unsettling anti-hero.

But good kills don’t matter if we don’t like the characters, and fortunately the cast of “Dismembering Christmas” really slays it.  Some strong performances aided by a fun script make this film very entertaining, and the performances get better especially as the film gets going.  Some major props go to Leah Wiseman, who gives an exceptional performance, particularly in one high suspense sequence reminiscent of Bob Clark’s “Black Christmas.”

Lastly, Dylan Curzon‘s score is a demented delight.  Classic Christmas melodies blended with traditional slasher twangs added so much to the overall success of this film, and if you know slashers, then you know just how important the music is.  Curzon knocks it out of the park, without a doubt.

I love holiday horror movies, and I have no doubt that “Dismembering Christmas” will become a staple at lots of Christmas themed horror parties for years to come.  This film is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the holiday horror spirit, and would make a bloody good stocking stuffer.  Get DISMEMBERED.

“Dismembering Christmas” is now available to rent on Amazon!  The film is also available to purchase on  through  Keep up with “Dismembering Christmas” on Facebook!

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