Terror Films Acquires LAHorror.com Original Films IRRATIONAL FEAR & SERENA WAITS – Soon streaming on Kings of Horror!

Recently, Slasher Studios & LAHorror.com Original film “IRRATIONAL FEAR” dropped all over your favorite digital streaming services!  If you haven’t seen it yet, nows your chance!  Check the links below and face your fears head on!

TubiAmazon Prime VideoiTunes / VUDU / Google Play

For fans of the popular Youtube channel “Kings of Horror,” you will be able to view IRRATIONAL FEAR streaming for free on 8/18!  Several cast & crew members will also be participating in the event!

We are also extremely excited that our new revenge horror film, SERENA WAITS, will be receiving it’s WORLD PREMIERE on Kings of Horror!  Check the trailer below and join us for the premiere!  Several cast & crew members will be participating in this as well!

We are so excited to share these films with you all, and we hope that you enjoy them!  Please be sure to check out Terror Films, Kings of Horror, LAHorror.com & Slasher Studios for more!

Terror Films – Official Website / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Kings of Horror – Youtube Channel / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

LAHorror.com – Twitter / Instagram

Slasher Studios – Official Website

All the best, Horror Lovers & thank you for your continued support for indie horror!!

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