LA Horror Presents: “D&F3R”

Things don’t go well for Betty and Skip…

This is a special news bulletin!  This is a special news bulletin!  There have been reports of another girl missing at the hands of the Homestead Ripper!  We at along with local authorities urge you to stay in your homes at all costs, and for God’s sake don’t get caught necking with your boyfriend in the woods!

Well, that’s only part of the set up in writer/director Brian L. Hauge‘s multi-genre horror short, “D&F3R:  Dead and Floating in Three Rivers.”  Set in 1956, this movie has a serial killer, biological weapons, zombies and even a plane crashing, dead awakening blow-job all in the span of ten short minutes.

Beautifully shot and directed, “D&F3R” is by far one of the most unique pieces submitted to us so far.  It plays with some classic cliches as well as turning some others on their head, not to mention a wicked sense of humor in some of the sequences.

This movie went to a multitude of horror festivals including it’s premier at the 2008 Fright Night Film Festival and has garnished over 260,000 views on YouTube.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Well, what the hell are you waiting for??  Quit reading this story, click the link below and give this movie a shot!

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