LA Horror Presents: “Bunnyman 2” (coming soon)

We received a tip from writer/director/producer Carl Lindbergh about his upcoming horror film “Bunnyman 2.”  We checked out the trailer and it looks ultra creepy and fun.  While the film is currently in post production, we got the inside scoop from Lindbergh about the film, as well as a little bit about him as an artist.

LAHorror:  Tell us about the story of “Bunnyman 2.”  What the fuck is up with this bunny?

Lindbergh:  As the trailer suggests, this is one very pissed off giant bunny. Obviously someone really upset him, and as a result, he takes out his frustration on any and everyone that crosses his path. “Bunnyman 2” follows the antagonist’s story line, and is about the title character and a crazy redneck trying to manage the stress of killing all these random people.

LAHorror:  Why should people see “Bunnyman 2?”  What type of horror are you striving for?  What makes it unique (besides the fact that it has a Bunnyman)?

Lindbergh:  Well the opening scene shows a giant Bunnyman slaughtering a bus full of kids. I would say that’s a pretty unique way to start a film!  I certainly haven’t seen it before and I watch a lot of horror films. The main thing I want to stress is that “Bunnyman 2” is not cheesy, it’s not campy. It has a dark sense of humor, but not “stupid” humor. I’m presenting a very absurd idea with a very serious tone. Most films of this type, from say Roger Corman or Troma would play this up as camp. This is a “unique” approach to something very bizarre, almost surreal in a way like a David Lynch film. I guess you could ask yourself, what would a film look like if David Lynch made a horror film for Roger Corman. Perhaps “Bunnyman 2” is the answer to the question?

LAHorror:  What are some of the inspirations behind this film?  Not necessarily other movies, but ideas/art/etc.?

Lindbergh:  The idea stems from taking something very innocent, say either a bunny suit or a school bus sign, and turning it on it’s head. Playing with the symbolic nature of seeing a school bus sign, but with blood on it. I believe it’s a striking image, and tells the viewer a lot with saying any words. It’s this contradictory nature that runs through the Bunnyman films. Another example, we’ll have someone die in a grotesque way however we’ll present it in a way, that the audience can’t help but laugh as it happens.

The cinematic influences on “Bunnyman 2” are a diverse range of films. Two two primarily influences I see in the film is the “Friday the 13th” series of films and Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life”. Talk about two complete different films. “Bunnyman 2” has the mood, feel, atmosphere of a Malick film such as “Days of Heaven” etc. however within that world we have a serial killer disposing of bodies as what you would see in a 80’s slasher film.

LAHorror:  What are the overall plans for “Bunnyman 2”?  Any screenings scheduled yet?

Lindbergh:  The primary goal is securing distribution. I’m not convinced it’s worth going the festival route as opposed to going straight to the distributors themselves.  If the eventual distributor decides to screen the film, I would of course support that decision.

LAHorror:  How was the cast/crew?  Cool people?  Small or large group?

Lindbergh:  I can’t speak highly enough about the cast. They put up with harsh conditions, 120 degree heat, meat eating bees etc. They went above and beyond what a filmmaker could ask from them. We had a small crew of about 12 people, i.e. a few amount of people doing multiple jobs.

LAHorror:  What are your favorite horror films/directors?

Lindbergh:  Obviously the horror classics such as the original “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween” and “The Evil Dead” series of films. I’m a big fan of more obscure horror films such as “Phantasm” and “Cemetery Man.” The directors that I’m truly inspired by are Ridley Scott and Tim Burton.

And in case you were wondering, “Bunnyman 2” is the sequel to “Bunnyman.”  Check out the trailer!

Certainly seems like this bunny doesn’t CARROT all who gets in his way…stay tuned for reviews of both films!

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