LA Horror Presents: “Before You”

You may remember our interview with horror filmmaker Nick Everhart and his super freaky puppet short “Slash in the Box.”  If you missed that story, then for God’s sake click the link above and watch it, it’s one of the scariest short films we’ve had the pleasure of sharing on  But on a much lighter and far less gory note, Everhart recently sent us his latest directorial project, a music video from singer/songwriter Cheyenne Jackson.  The video stars Jackson (“30 Rock”, “Glee”), Christina Cole (“Dr. Who”) and Rachel Dratch (“SNL”).

“Before You” is not only a catchy and fun song, but it’s an homage to classic Hollywood horror monsters.  And as a newly married man myself, I can certainly relate to parts of this music video…Check it out horror lovers!

Kind of makes you miss your mummy, doesn’t it?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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