LA Horror Presents: “How the Sky Will Melt”

Matthew Wade was one of our first featured horror artists on, and his films are truly an experience.  His style is unique and the stories he tells are full of mystery, thought provoking imagery and haunting sounds.  We shared several of his short films in our interview with Wade, but he’s back with a project that will be his biggest one yet.

“How the Sky Will Melt” follows a girl returning home from a tour after one of her band mates passes away and her struggle to cope with the loss of her friend.  However, after making a strange discovery, things begin to change…

“She finds this box that has all of these little glass vials in it that are filled with different colors of liquid, and when they’re messed with or broken or played with, it kind of alters the state of everything around them,” Wade told  Sounds far out, right?  If you’ve seen Wade’s work, then you know it’s not going to be a cake walk for these characters and that many things aren’t going to be as they may seem.  Wade also recently released a promotional short for the film, which can be seen below.

“[It’s] very ambiguous because that’s kinda the style we’re going with the movie,” Wade said.  And in case you were wondering about those waning sounds and the raw feel, it’s a personal choice and one that’s rarely seen in the digital age.

“All of the noise and the background music and stuff [were] done on the analog sound equipment that we wanted to use because that was part of our deal with the movie.  We’re gonna make it on film and we’re gonna do all the sound track stuff on eights, and we’re gonna do all of the music, like the scoring, on old analog equipment,” Wade said.  Refreshing, isn’t it?

The film is in the last legs of its Kickstarter in order to raise money for film, transportation and loads of in-camera effects and creature design.  You can meet Wade himself on their Kickstarter page, get a glimpse at some concept art, as well as other work that has led to this.  And if you haven’t read our first piece on Wade, click the link at the top of this story because his films are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

For more on this project and Wade’s other works, please visit his official website.

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