FREE SCREENING!!! Short horror/sci-fi film showcase!

What’s up horror lovers??  Specifically, I’m talking to you folks in Los Angeles!

I’ve just had the immense pleasure of viewing “Survivor Type,” a brutal short horror film based on the Stephen King story of the same title.  You may not remember, but a while back we caught up with director Billy Hanson, in a previous post in their pre-production stage.  After seeing the film, I can only say daaaamn.  Here’s the trailer…

The movie is awesome–some serious props to Hanson and their team.  Not only does this flick have an unbelievable performance by Gideon Emery, but it has one of the nastiest, goriest and cringeworthy scenes I’ve ever seen…and that’s no joke, and it takes A LOT for me to cringe.  Don’t believe me??  Well check it out for yourself.

“Survivor Type,” along with several other short horror/sci-fi films, is playing this Friday at the Shorts 4 Show mixer hosted by BOOMaRANG Entertainment & Broken Barriers Productions.  Check out the event for yourself and if you can make it–get over there!

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