“An American Ghost Story” – coming 8-20-13

What’s up, horror lovers??  Got the word that one of my favorite ghost films is coming out on DVD and VOD on August 20th!  The film is called “An American Ghost Story,” (formerly “Revenant”) and it is a seriously a freaky flick.  This movie is full of suspense, ghastly effects and terrific performances — a serious feat by some incredible independent filmmakers.  We reviewed this flick a while back, and you need to check it out for yourself!

And be sure to stop by “An American Ghost Story” on Fangoria, who dropped the new poster and trailer!  Do it people.

One response to ““An American Ghost Story” – coming 8-20-13

  1. This looks good and chillingly scary – I LOVE a good ghost story; and from the trailer I KNOW this is a “must watch”!
    As to “what’s up”? Well….I’m working on some creepy dolls, and will be creating one for an upcoming movie!!! I’m SO excited!!!
    Facebook is great for networking!

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