“The Best There Ever Was”

What good horror fan doesn’t want another “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film?!  They’re mean, nasty and always full of guts.  The mere sound of that chainsaw revving up and covering a hopeless scream with it’s menacing roar just warms my heart!  “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise has always been an all time favorite amongst us sickos, myself in particular, which is precisely why we have to share this fan made trailer by some awesome filmmakers who may love this franchise more than anybody else!

“The Best There Ever Was” is a promotional trailer from 2 Man Production for a film that I certainly hope they get to make.  They have the film written and wanted to give a glimpse into their vision of the loveable Sawyer family, in particular Grandpa, who we all know was the best killer there ever was.  A trailer like this truly shows the passion horror fans have for these films and this could really bring The Texas Chainsaw Massacre back to it’s glory days, or should I say, GORY days.

Filmmaker Derek Cole breaks it down nicely as to what this film, if it indeed can get made, would contribute to this franchise.  “I have wanted to do this film since I was a kid.  Something about them calling Grandpa ‘The Best There Ever Was.’  A family doesn’t just decide to be crazy all at once they are usually raised to be such a way so I thought it would be cool to kind of incorporate the Grandpa more and see how this family took such a turn to go bat shit crazy as they clearly are.”

Intrigued yet?  Well now for the fun part…enjoy, and SHARE this trailer if you think it would be an awesome flick…it could just help it get made!!

We will keep you posted on this project as we learn more!  2 Man Production is also behind “An American Ghost Story,” which we reviewed here.  “An American Ghost Story” is now available on DVD, and we HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

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