“ABCs of Death 2” – VOTE for your favorite short film!

There are a lot of ways to die, and most of them aren’t pretty.  In the 2012 short film compilation, “The ABCs of Death,” audiences were delighted to see 26 directors create short films about death, dying and being dead, each inspired by a letter of the alphabet.  And now that “ABCs of Death 2” is coming down the pipe, the producers are again allowing the audience to choose a segment for the film–but only if the death is inspired by the letter “M.”

Pretty awesome right??  As you can imagine, there are TONS of amazing entries from extremely talented horror filmmakers all across the world, but we’ve gone ahead and chosen a couple of our favorites for you to check out, and most importantly, VOTE for!

Just click the title and “LIKE” the video!

“M” is for Mormon Missionaries  (Writer/Director Peter Podgursky)

NOTHING is scarier than Mormons.  No, I kid, they’re usually great people, but Writer/Director Peter Podgursky has taken the common occurance of a visit from those loveable Mormons into something far more sinister, nasty and horrifying.   “M is for Mormon Missionaries” is legit and we’re fans of Podgursky’s work, so CHECK IT OUT, and if you find your door knocking Sunday morning, you might want to just pretend you’re not home…

“M” is for Mustache  (Writer/Director Levi Caleb Smith)

Murder, madness, mustache.  Need I say more?  Levi Caleb Smith’s “M is for Mustache” is a suspenseful look into the mind of a murderer and an awesome slow burn to a totally gruesome finish!  This short has a great leading performance and some pretty slick editing that makes it a MUST WATCH for this competition.

“M” is for Meltdown  (Writer / Director Alex Ray)

Who doesn’t love to save the environment?!  After all, isn’t it good to be green?!  In Alex Ray’s “M is for Meltdown,” saving the environment can be a killer!   Super gorey with throwback camp, this cracked me up in all the ways a horror flick should.   In fact, I was fortunate enough to be an actor in this one, so you gotta WATCH IT!

“M” is for Maleficium  (Writer / Director Alessandro Pulisci)

Okay, so I won’t lie, I wasn’t quite sure what “maleficium” was when I first watched this film, but boy oh boy did I learn in a hurry!  Look, this flick was disgusting, gnarly and totally righteous!  Not to mention super messy…and you know if a horror movie is messy that it’s way up my alley!  LOVED IT!

“M” is for Mercy  (Writer / Director Sean Blau)

We thought we’d end our endorsements on a lighter note, and “M is for Mercy” is a perfect example of how horror that gets right under your skin…Director Sean Blau (who is also behind our favorite “The Sunderland Experiment”) gives us a glimpse into a much larger world and floods us with questions.  A terrific, thought provoking piece – the type of horror film that really messes with your head.  CHECK IT!

Please SUPPORT INDIE HORROR and watch, vote and enjoy all of the entries. These are just the tip of the iceberg in a malicious and magical mess of movie madness!  VOTING ENDS NOVEMBER 14th!!!  So do it now!!!

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