“Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds” – Promo Trailer

Real horror is often not the carnage that a monster or ghost can inflict upon a person, but rather what a man can do to his fellow man.  Fear, paranoia and self-preservation can cloud the judgment of people and can transform even the sanest person into a monster themselves. We see it time and time again in history, and even innocent, seemingly insignificant events can spiral the masses into a frenzied panic. We are creatures of imagination, and we all know that it can run wild…

Perhaps one of the most famous American versions of this phenomenon took place in 1938, when Orson Welles’ fictional radio drama entitled “The War of the Worlds” played nationwide to an audience of overly trusting Americans. The program, an interperatation of H.G. Wells novel of the same title, famously plays out as a regular radio show interrupted by breaking news of a violent martian invasion. The results? Mass panic. Fear. Carnage. And maybe even death.

And can we really blame them? After all, these were much “simpler” times, and “The War of the Worlds” radio program could easily be considered one of the first (dare I say this…) “found footage style” stories, and it worked too perfectly. And while we are all familiar with this important piece of horror history, there really hasn’t been a nasty, horror driven interpretation of this historical time on film…until now…well, sort of.

2 Man Production, the production-company that brought us the awesome and super freaky “An American Horror Story,” and their Texas Chainsaw inspired fan trailer “The Best There Ever Was,” is back with a new promo trailer that finally tells the real story of “The War of the Worlds.” Centered around a small farm town, this story follows several families listening to the program, when a huge storm knocks out their power before they realize it was a work of fiction.  Needless to say, chaos erupts.  And while this is only a promo trailer, it certainly shows some incredible potential to a story that has yet to be told. Not to mention, these guys make beautiful films. So what are you waiting for?? CHECK THIS OUT NOW!

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