“2 JENNIFER” – AVAILABLE NOW! (Reviews, Video Interviews)

I cannot wait for you all to see our first feature length horror film, “2 Jennifer.”  Our film has dropped!

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Check out what the critics have been saying about the film below as well as some behind the scenes interviews below!

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Deadline Hollywood Drops “2 Jennifer” Distribution Exclusive!

“…a worthy sequel that is filled with an honest helping of bloody madness.”  –ScreamHorrorMag.com

2 Jennifer is the perfect horror sequel with massive appeal to those who follow the independent horror scene. It’s well written, chilling and frightening when you think that the scenario pictured within could happen in real life.”  –HorrorSociety.com

“So the performances from the small cast of actors here feel spot on and natural and I was unsure whether there was a scene ad libbed or scripted because it just felt naturalistic.” –MoreHorror.com

“The final moments when Johnson goes off the deep end are horrifying and while 2 Jennifer might not be a perfect film, it is successful in characterizing a psychopath that will get under your skin and haunt you for nights to come after viewing.”  –Ain’t It Cool News

“Successfully recapturing the homemade, down and dirty look and feel of Bressack’s original film, 2 Jennifer is a worthy successor to the iPhone murder crown.”  –Nerdly.co.uk

“I can’t speak highly enough about [Lara Jean] Mummert. Beguiling, sardonic, fierce. I just love her.”  –HorrorFreakNews.com

“From the very first scene to the very last, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.”  –9thCircleofHorror.com

“…one the most sick and disturbing films I’ve seen in a long time”  –Sinful Celluloid

2 Jennifer might be an unexpected sequel but it is certainly a good one.”  –HaddonfieldHorror.com

“As Spencer start to unravel is when the tale begins to pick up a dangerous and unpredictable amount of steam, energizing a massive, ominous train of horror and lunacy that funnels down a twisted tunnel of reality disconnecting tragedy.”  –ItsBlogginEvil.com

“[Hunter Johnson] wears the actor and director hat really well.”  –ZombiesDontRun.net

“I’d implore everyone who is a fan of horror to give this a try, as I’m sure you wont be disappointed!”  –TheSlaughteredBird.com

“Quite a cool movie, actually.”  –SearchMyTrash.com

“I found myself completely riveted.”  –FailedCritics.com

2 Jennifer is a surprisingly effective exercise in low-budget horror, and a disturbing portrait of a mind in pieces.” –The PC Score Card (*spoilers*)

“All in all, I was highly impressed with 2 Jennifer and have recommended it since watching.  It is very unique and it even had a few disturbing twists and turns that you will totally not expect!”  –NightmarishConjurings.com

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