LA Horror Review: “Drunk Zombies”

Crack open a beer for this one, everybody.  It might save your life.

If you’re a horror lover, then I can reasonably assume you’re a zombie lover.  It goes hand in hand.  And while there are have been lots of different takes on the flesh eating genre, Alex Napiwocki‘s “Drunk Zombies” may be the perfect little zombie film to catch a buzz.


The premise is familiar, you guessed it, zombie apocalypse.  But our heroes in this film are anything but ordinary.  Two guys who happen to be several years sober, trying to turn their lives around, only to find out that flesh eaters are everywhere and that the only safe haven is a bar.  And not because of strong doors or locks, but because in Napiwocki’s world, zombies won’t attack you if you’re stupid, black out drunk.  Spoiler alert:  these guys don’t stay sober for very long.

Alex & Jerry sum up the zombies.jpg

I laughed out loud during this film several times.  The premise alone gets me – stay drunk, stay alive.  It’s that simple.  Leaning off of other great zombie films before it, “Shaun of the Dead” & “Night of the Living Dead” being two apparent influences, Napiwocki walks the line of telling a familiar story with his own unique spin.  He is aided by the fact that the actors in this film (Napiwocki himself and fellow sober buddy Jerry Pierce), do a fantastic job leading this buddy zombie comedy and keeping it engaging with humor, music & of course slamming tons of beers.  Also some major props go to Noel Jason Scott, who plays one of the lead zombies with ferocity and nastiness.  GREAT zombie acting.

Noel Jason Scott.jpg

“Drunk Zombies” is the first film from Safety Meeting Productions, helmed by Napiwocki and fellow producer Richard Trejo, and it’s a great first entry to their film cannon.  While “Drunk Zombies” is obviously a labor of love for these two, it feels bigger than it probably  was, and left me wanting to see more of this story.  The cliffhanger ending alone makes me want to find out what happens next, and the production value in this film is fantastic for an ULB short.  Great sets, great make up FX, great performances and plenty of zombies.  What else do you want??

I loved “Drunk Zombies.”  It’s a new take on the zombie sub genre that will get you nice and tipsy.  Fans of horror, zombies and alcohol will no doubt love this film.  It’s funny, unique and features some terrifying flesh eaters.  I do hope to see more of this story down the road as the potential is very strong.  Props to Napiwocki and Trejo for getting this piece done – DEFINITELY keep your eyes peeled for this one.  Cannot wait to see what else is in store for Safety Meeting Productions.

Cast & Crew - DRUNK ZOMBIES.jpg

“Drunk Zombies” will be hitting the horror festival circuit soon!  Be sure to “like” the film on Facebook


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