21199440_676898305836974_6170789571140007422_oI’m EXTREMELY excited to share that IRRATIONAL FEAR, our feature length film collaboration with Slasher Studios, will be screening this weekend and Days of the Dead, Indianapolis!  We are so excited to get this film in front of an audience – and guess what??  WE WILL BE IN THE AUDIENCE TOO!  Our screening is Friday, JUNE 22nd at 7pm.


I’m stoked to be going to DotD Indy with my good friends at Slasher Studios to promote our film as well as other work.  So if you’re itching for some fear – then come to DotD Indy and stop by the Slashers Studio table and say hi!  You can purchase tickets for DotD here.

But if you can’t make it out to Indianapolis, then come to our Chicago Premiere!  Thanks to our good friends at Horror Society, IRRATIONAL FEAR will be part of a double feature with SLUGS, at Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records on July 3rd at 7PM.  So if you’re a Chitown horror lover – then get out there with our cast & crew and see if you can survive the fear…

Much love horror lovers and stay tuned for more screenings soon!  And if you can’t make it out, then be sure to pick up your own DVD or limited Blu here!


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