IRRATIONAL FEAR (2018) & Slasher Studios (Dismembering Christmas, Don’t Go To The Reunion) have created a new horror film that will explore your strangest fears – “Irrational Fear”!

Six therapy patients are brought together at a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. But these fears won’t just hurt them…they will kill them…

Currently, the film is available exclusively on DVD & limited edition Blu Ray. You can also stream the film here!

Our cast includes talent from all over the country, including some of indie horrors rising stars.  Will these characters survive their fears?  Or will it be too much to handle?

Charles Chudabala as Doctor Sanders

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Baker Chase Powell as Zach

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Leah Wiseman as Taylor

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Cati Glidewell as Helen

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Tom McCarthy as Nate

Kaleb Shorey as Jake

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Mathias Blake as Cameron

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Jennifer Nangle as Kelly

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Guy Holling as Ritch


Our crew includes:

Hunter Johnson (Director, Producer, Co-Writer)

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Kevin Sommerfield (Executive Producer / Co-Writer)

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Jordan Biagomala (Director of Photography)

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Zach Allen (Supervising Producer)

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Andrew Beirl (Coordinating Producer)


Chris Gierowski (Producer)

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