“#FromJennifer” is now available!  Find a place to stream the film here! Or pick it up on DVD!

“#FromJennifer” is the third film in James Cullen Bressack’s ‘Jennifer’ franchise.  It is written and directed by Frank Merle, who also produced’s debut feature film, “2 JENNIFER.”

#FromJennifer hits digital in the US on 9/26/17!  Check the latest trailer!

The Hollywood Reporter Drops #FromJennifer Casting News!

I’m so excited for everyone to see this film – trust me, it’s AWESOME.  Frank did such a great job, really taking this franchise in a new exciting direction.  #FromJennifer features incredible performances from a baller cast which also includes Danielle TaddeiDerek MearsMeghan Deanna SmithTrae Ireland & Aaron Abrams. These guys KILL it!

Keep your eyes peeled tight for this one, you won’t want to miss it. In the meantime, catch up on Bressack’s “To Jennifer” and our film, “2 Jennifer”!

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