Slasher Studios is Bringing a Christmas to Dismember!

I know it’s only July, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas.  The presents, the love of family and friends, the stockings, and of course the bloody, gory MURDERS!  At least that’s what Slasher Studios has in store for their second feature film, “Dismembering Christmas,” which is in it’s critical last weeks of it’s kickstarter campaign!


We are major fans of what these guys do, not only because of their die-hard love for all things slasher, but because they’re unbelievably engaging with fans and encourage everyone to get involved in the slasher fun.  Open auditions to the public, fan contests to create their poster designs, as well as a lot of unique and awesome kickstarter rewards for backers, including but not limited to the first ever Slasher Studios Blu Rays, weapons from the film, IMDB credits and even the opportunity to put your own original art in the movie itself.

We were big fans of their short flick “Teddy” and their debut feature film “Don’t Go to the Reunion” and now their back, teaming up with director Austin Bosely, to film what Kevin Sommerfield (writer, producer) calls “the most grisly script Slasher Studios has ever written.”  We had a chance to catch up with Kevin and Austin and discuss this film that will be shooting in Wisconsin early next year!  Check it out Holiday Horror lovers!


Kevin Sommerfield (writer, producer)


Austin Bosley (Director, Actor)

LAHorror:  First of all, I have to ask what you guys are asking for for Christmas this year??

Austin Bosely:  A ticket to Wisconsin.

Kevin Sommerfield:  Lots and lots of slasher movies. The same thing that’s been on my wish list since I was 7.

LAHorror:  “Dismembering Christmas” is joining a group of awesome slashers that take place around the holidays.  What are some of your favorite holiday horror flicks?



KS:  The original “Black Christmas” is one of my all time favorite slashers. “Silent Night Deadly Night” is a hell of a lot of fun as well.  For guilty pleasures, definitely “Jack Frost” and “Santa’s Slay.”

LAHorror:  Why did you decide to write a Christmas slasher Kevin?  How long has this been in the works??

KS:  I started writing “Dismembering Christmas” with Steve Goltz (co-writer) late last year, actually right around Christmas time. We always wanted to see a “Friday the 13th” film set around the winter season. Fun characters, wintery deaths, etc. This film captures that same spirit while adding the atmosphere of the holiday season.

LAHorror:  Adding a different type of holiday cheer, no doubt.

AB:  Holiday fear.*kickstarter

LAHorror:  Austin, when did you come on board? I love your style, your short film “Tahorror” was badass.  What is your game plan when looking at a script like this?

AB:  I came on board only a few weeks ago, actually. Just before initial casting closed.  I read the script a couple weeks before I was on board to direct and I really enjoyed it.   It definitely has a wintery “Friday the 13th” vibe to it and I couldn’t be more excited to bring that across in the final product.  If it does, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

LAHorror:  Kevin, your flicks always have some great slasher deaths, what kind of GORE can “Dismembering Christmas” viewers hope for in their stockings??

KS:  All deaths are somehow connected to either the winter season or Christmas itself. Lots of carnage from beginning to end with each death hopefully topping the ones that come before it.

LAHorror:  How about your final girl, Kelli Anderson? Is she tough enough to handle this killer??

AB:  Oh yes.

  I mean…who said she’s the final girl?

KS:  She’s going to be a fighter and someone the audience is definitely going to want to root for. That is if she makes it to the end…

LAHorror:   Since you finished up “Don’t Go To The Reunion,” how do you feel heading into your second feature slasher film?

KS:  I’m really proud of this script and I’m loving the cast and crew we have lined up. With Austin’s unique vision, I think this is going to end up being Slasher Studios’ best yet.

LAHorror:   I totally forgot, your fan created posters are awesome!! Slasher Studios is super engaging with their fans, which is great.

KS:  Thanks! We try to involve everyone.  I mean we wouldn’t be making movies without the support of the slasher community.  Horror is a family first and foremost.  It is also a family that I am honored to be a part of.

So bring your holiday FEAR over to the Slasher Studios “Dismembering Christmas” kickstarter now, and ensure that this will be a BLOOD RED Christmas!

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LA Horror Review: “Teddy”

Who doesn’t enjoy a quick slasher flick?  Call me sadistic, but nothing cheers me up more than cramming a whole bunch of death in a real short amount of time – something that Slasher Studios‘ short film, “Teddy,” has no problem doing at all.

The set up is classic: a group of friends having a party weekend when things start to go horribly wrong.  Not only do they accidentally run over an old man on their way to the woods, but they then find themselves being stalked by the old man’s demented stuffed bear wielding son, Teddy.  Needless to say, things don’t work out too well for these fun loving teens.

What makes “Teddy” so enjoyable is its rapid fire pace.  An 11-minute run time is really not a lot, yet “Teddy” manages to establish motive for the title killer, introduce our victims, give us a blood splattering car crash, slam about 20 beers, show a pretty raunchy sex scene, as well as multiple murders that even Jason himself would be proud of.  Let me just say this without giving away too much:  nobody’s ass is safe in this movie.  Don’t believe me?  Well see for yourself…

Well, was it too scary to…bear?  What I love about this piece is our killer.  Much like the horror classics we know and love, Teddy is mysterious and could probably use a feature or two to really get to the bottom of his troubles.  I mean, who is this guy and what’s with his demented bear?  It’s eerie and unsettling, and while the mystery makes the story stronger, my morbid curiosity would love to learn more.  While it works as a short, it easily has all the pieces to grow into a much larger project.

That being said, mad props goes to filmmakers Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz.  Slashers are always great fun and it’s always exciting to see new disturbing characters and deaths thrown into the world of horror.  Who knows, a couple years down the road maybe we’ll get to see some more of Teddy, but until then?  Well, bust open a PBR and keep partying…

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