“Kings of Horror” – An October Web Series by CraveOnline and ShockTillYouDrop!

Who doesn’t count down the days until Halloween?

Halloween is the horror lover’s Christmas, and adding a daily countdown adds to the excitement and anticipation of this devilish day.  Yes, it’s Halloween season, which means there are TONS of people watching horror flicks every day to get ready…and if you’re one of those people, then chances are you’ll have some Stephen King on your TV set at some point.  And why would you have it any differently?!

Stephen King and Halloween go hand in hand, and CraveOnline and ShockTillYouDrop have unrolled their web series, “Kings of Horror,” to showcase just that.  Every day in October, Crave’s William Bibbiani and Shock’s Ryan Turek are reviewing a different theatrically released Stephen King films, along with sharing awesome trivia and some great insight to the films.  We’ve all seen “Carrie” and “The Shining,” but what about “Sleepwalkers”?  Or “Graveyard Shift”?  Or “The Dead Zone”?  And lets not forget all of the glorious sequels!  Bibbiani and Turek thoughtfully, humorously and horrifyingly break down all of your favorite classic Stephen King films and will continue to do so until Halloween!  Glorious!

We’ve pulled a couple of our favorite reviews for you here, but be sure to check out the full playlist and subscribe to see all of the days you’ve missed!

Next up on their docket until Halloween??

20.  The Dark Half (1993)
21.  Needful Things (1993)
22.  The Mangler (1995)
23.  Thinner (1996)
24. The Night Flier (1997)
25. The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)
26. Dreamcatcher (2003) 
27. Secret Window (2004)
28. Riding the Bullet (2004)
29. 1408 (2007) 
30. The Mist (2007) 
31. Carrie (2013)
Enjoy Horror Lovers, and Happy Almost Halloween!!!
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