“RVTH: Genesis” – Watch This Horror Web Series!

Hello Horror Lovers!

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you “RVTH: GENESIS” – a new horror web series co-produced by LAHorror.com! This project, created by Brialynn Massie, follows the story of Eli Connors and his sister Ruth, as they come face to face with the forces of evil. This is an intense piece of work that dives into many horrifying issues – consider this your trigger warning.

The first season is complete, watch every episode right here on LAHorror.com! Enjoy!

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2 Violent. 2 Horrifying. “2 Jennifer,” coming soon from LAHorror.com!

Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask, do you know anyone named Jennifer?


It’s been some time since we’ve had an update, but for great reason, I assure you.  I’m excited to announce that LAHorror.com’s first feature film, “2 Jennifer,” has wrapped principle photography and is on slate for completion in August!  It’s been a wild ride putting this film together, and fans of murder, violence and horrifying GORE will not be disappointed!  “2 Jennifer” is a hard “R” rated sequel to our good friend James Cullen Bressack’s 2013 film, “To Jennifer.”  You can read our review of his film here.

“Two filmmakers attempt to make the perfect sequel to “To Jennifer,” however a dark secret threatens the lives of everyone involved. Jennifer, a beautiful actress, now has two options: become the heroine of the film, or face a brutal death.”

Our good friends at Dread Central dropped our first official teaser trailer, and we wanted to share as well!  So WATCH it, SHARE it, and get ready for a really NASTY movie.


“2 Jennifer” stars Hunter Johnson, David Coupe and Lara Jean Mummert.  The film also features performances from “To Jennifer” alums James Cullen Bressack, Jarrett Furst & Jody Barton, Felissa Rose (“Sleepaway Camp”), Veronica Ricci (“Bloody Mary 3D”), Erin Marie Hogan (“House of Manson”), Charles Chudabala, Josh Brown and Matt Holbrook.  The film is Produced by Johnson, Bressack, Furst, Frank Merle, Christian AckermanMegan Perrin.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, it is likely to shock and horrify!  Get ready, horror lovers!

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LA Horror Review: “El Gigante”

elgigantewebEl Gigante” is an incredibly ambitious and stylish short horror film from LuchaGore Productions funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Perhaps best known for their “M is for Matador” entry into the “ABCs of Death Part Two” competition, LuchaGore is a creative team that has clearly found their stride and are poised to make the leap from short form to feature films.

“El Gigante” opens with a gorgeous desert vista and a man stumbling through the heat. Through a flashback, we learn that the young Mexican man is named Armando (played by Edwin Perez) and that he tried to strike a deal with a coyote to smuggle his family across the border. They didn’t have enough cash, so Armando had to make the border crossing on his own.

Armando makes it to the border, but is intercepted by a mysterious stranger. Armando passes out. He awakens inside of a room that holds a wrestling arena/altar. He now has a burlap Lucha Libre mask sewn to his face. As a grotesque family of characters watch, he is forced into a death battle with El Gigante, an enormous wrestler.

Visually, this short is a huge treat. It embraces grindhouse style entertainment without veiling it in a fake 1970s aesthetic. The production design and costuming are top notch: this movie pays close attention to textures and character and set design in a way that most short films do not. The makeup and gore effects are incredibly effective. This movie looks and feels filthy.

The cinematography by Luke Bramley and Spencer Village is reminiscent of Dean Semler’s work in “The Road Warrior.” The camera is not in constant motion, but there’s an effortless flow established and enhanced by the editing of director Gigi Saul Guerrero and co-director Bramley.

Guerrero is the colorist for the film as well, and chooses vivid lurid red accents to the sickly greens, yellows, and greys of the wrestling arena. She has a great eye for action and how it can be used to reveal character.

El_Gigante1 copy 2

“El Gigante” is currently on the festival circuit, and will hopefully be seen by people who see the feature potential in it. The short is adapted by Shane McKenzie from the first chapter of his book “Muerte con Carne,” and it’s an amazing contribution to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” style cannibal family genre. Each family member has a distinct look and role to play in the slaughter. If the rest of the book is as exciting as this first look is, then El Gigante could one day join Jason and Leatherface in the pantheon of masked movie killers.

Be sure to “like” LuchaGore Productions on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @LuchaGoreFilm.  This review was written by LAHorror.com contributor Paul Stephen Edwards.

LA Horror Review: “You Are Not Alone”

God bless America, and God bless HORROR!


Writer/Director Derek Mungor, the filmmaker behind LAHorror.com favorite “Desolation Wilderness,” is back with another creeper, “You Are Not Alone.”  This is a super beautiful film is about friendship, memories and revisiting old times…oh yeah, and a totally freaky serial killer.  It’s a genuine slice of life turned hyper suspenseful slasher movie, shot entirely from the prospective of one character.  The film is co-written by Chris O’Brien.

Natalie is a college graduate visiting her hometown over the 4th of July. The night she arrives, she is stalked by a sociopathic killer.

YANA_Still_15I always love it when horror movies have a nice slow burn, but it makes me really hope that the filmmakers pull it off in the end.  Mungor and his team knock this one out of the park.  “You Are Not Alone” is one of the scariest serial killer slashers I have ever seen.  It takes advantage of your perception, aided by sincere and welcoming performances by a fun and likable cast and makes you feel as if you’re truly living as one of the characters in the film.  This both adds to it’s unique charm and also amplifies the horror when things get rough.  And when sometimes slasher movies get caught up in narrative and over explanation, “You Are Not Alone” takes a much different approach.  The film isn’t exactly about why these killings are happening, but moreso about the events themselves.  It’s the best type of slasher film:  one that respects its audience and simply shows you the events of one tragic July 4th weekend.

YANA_Still_18Do yourself a favor and watch this one with ALL of the lights turned off.  I mean that.  Hats off to Mungor and Director of Photography Ryan Glover for creating what seemed like constant suspense and anticipation, primarily through the use of light and shadow.  A great look accompanied by an amazing score by Jason Aud and some ultra creepy sound design by Jason Neumann, this film is incredibly intense…I cannot emphasize that enough.  “You Are Not Alone” is the type of slasher that had me at the edge of my seat, jumping at every turn, and when you see it, chances are you will be too.

And on a side note, it’s really great to see a 4th of July horror movie.  I can honestly say that this film has potential to be a once a year favorite for the BBQ holiday, much in the same way that other holiday horror favorites have found spots in our hearts.  This movie pays homage to a lot of greats before it, yet it never loses itself.  Die hard slasher movie fans, get ready for some fireworks, and remember…”You Are Not Alone.”

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LAHorror.com Original: “Melody”

And what’s a treat on Halloween without a trick?!

We are extremely excited to share “Melody,” LAHorror.com’s first official short film!  This one is nasty, everybody, and I hope you like them weird!  This slimy little flick stars Beau SmithEmily Dahm, two incredible actors who totally kill it, and was created by LAHorror.com contributors Hunter Johnson & Megan Perrin.  And you’ve got to love the gore created by Ryan Reynolds, am I right??  We hope that this one finds a special spot in your rotten little horror hearts!

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“Kings of Horror” – An October Web Series by CraveOnline and ShockTillYouDrop!

Who doesn’t count down the days until Halloween?

Halloween is the horror lover’s Christmas, and adding a daily countdown adds to the excitement and anticipation of this devilish day.  Yes, it’s Halloween season, which means there are TONS of people watching horror flicks every day to get ready…and if you’re one of those people, then chances are you’ll have some Stephen King on your TV set at some point.  And why would you have it any differently?!

Stephen King and Halloween go hand in hand, and CraveOnline and ShockTillYouDrop have unrolled their web series, “Kings of Horror,” to showcase just that.  Every day in October, Crave’s William Bibbiani and Shock’s Ryan Turek are reviewing a different theatrically released Stephen King films, along with sharing awesome trivia and some great insight to the films.  We’ve all seen “Carrie” and “The Shining,” but what about “Sleepwalkers”?  Or “Graveyard Shift”?  Or “The Dead Zone”?  And lets not forget all of the glorious sequels!  Bibbiani and Turek thoughtfully, humorously and horrifyingly break down all of your favorite classic Stephen King films and will continue to do so until Halloween!  Glorious!

We’ve pulled a couple of our favorite reviews for you here, but be sure to check out the full playlist and subscribe to see all of the days you’ve missed!

Next up on their docket until Halloween??

20.  The Dark Half (1993)
21.  Needful Things (1993)
22.  The Mangler (1995)
23.  Thinner (1996)
24. The Night Flier (1997)
25. The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)
26. Dreamcatcher (2003) 
27. Secret Window (2004)
28. Riding the Bullet (2004)
29. 1408 (2007) 
30. The Mist (2007) 
31. Carrie (2013)
Enjoy Horror Lovers, and Happy Almost Halloween!!!
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LA Horror Review: “Exile”

Exile 2Who doesn’t like an awesome alien invasion movie? We don’t get many of them, but when we do, they usually involve F-16 fighter jets, massive explosions and hordes of flying saucers.  But that’s not the case in “Exile” (formerly “The Sunderland Experiment”), a gruesome and thought provoking horror flick from Blatke Productions that was incredibly effective in all the best ways.  I’m making a prediction:  “Exile” will be very well received by fans of creepy, undeniably original and thought provoking science-fiction horror.  This film was such a delightful surprise.

The story is anything but simple, and I’m almost hesitant to get too far into the actual plot.  I honestly didn’t know much about this film when I saw it, and I feel like that only made it more enjoyable and shocking.  I will say this quickly:  the story revolves around young man named David (Dylan O’Brien) and his fellow classmates in the small town of Sunderland.  Also residing is the “Angel,” a ruthless and haunting creature who gives an ultimatum to every resident of Sunderland:  worship and obey her to become blessed, or fall and become an outcast.

Sounds pretty far out, right?

Directors Sean Blau and Adam Petke assume that their audience is intelligent and open-minded and lets them experience the events in Sunderland just as the residents do.  The world they created is nasty, scary and oddly believable, given the nature of cults and extreme religion in our societies nowadays.  And maybe that’s what makes “Exile” so unique.  This is without a doubt an alien vs. human style monster movie, however it never even gets close to touching the clichés that so often stick to that genre.  And while there’s plenty of scares in “The Sunderland Experiment,” there’s also plenty of laughs and real human moments.  Blau and Petke have made a thoughtful and dynamic film that also manages to push the boundaries of extreme horror.

And let’s talk about the horror.  This movie is gory—super gory—and the Angel is seriously fucking creepy.  Not only that, but from a technical perspective, this movie was seamless.   There’s a wonderful blend of puppetry and special effects, enhanced by beautiful cinematography, a simple yet extremely detailed setting and sound design that is out of this world.  When the Angel speaks, you can’t help but feel a crawling sensation up your spine, and I found myself to feel very invested in the characters while watching.

O’Brien steals the show as lead man David and gives an honest, endearing performance along side of the loveable and spunky Cassie (Katie Reed).  It’s so nice to watch a horror movie where you actually root for the main characters, and these two lead a terrific ensemble.  The townspeople of Sunderland were delightfully creepy, and kudos to voice actress Dennice Cisneros who is a powerful force throughout this film.

Looking at the small size of the cast and crew of this film, they’ve definitely accomplished something special.  Rarely do you see small, indie horror films look, sound and feel this good.  This film will undoubtably find its audience, and it really sticks with you.  Keep your eyes peeled because you do not want to miss this.

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LA Horror Presents: “Summer of the Zombies”

Well, summer is nearing its end, sadly, and pretty soon the weather will be getting colder.  It’s a damn shame, too because who doesn’t enjoy sitting out in the sun, cracking open an ice-cold beer and taking a whopping bite of a delicious, juicy flame grilled cheeseburger?  Well, maybe we’ll skip the burger this time, because if “Summer of the Zombies,” the new short film from Owlet Pictures, teaches us anything, it’s that meat really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…even if you’re a flesh eating zombie.

Writer/Directors Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley have certainly taken a classic horror genre and given it a new twist in their 10 minute tale, taking the oft flesh eating villains we all know and love and making them much more appealing to a progressive crowd.  You see, our protagonist in this tale (a zombie, naturally), has a hard time buying into the fact that she’s supposed to eat flesh like the rest of her fellow corpses.  Catch my drift?  Vegetarian Zombies.

“We were literally drinking with friends and we were just talking…I think we said the combo of words vegetarian and zombie, and we just knew instantly that we needed to go home and write it, like, immediately.  And shoot it immediately and get it out there.  It was literally just the wine talking,” Nichols said laughing.

“It’s been received really well; we’ve managed to play at different horror film festivals and we’ve also played at some comedy festivals.  It’s mixed audiences, everyone seems to enjoy it,” Beasley said.

And why not?  The film is plenty gory, oddly heartwarming and full of laugh out loud moments.  Not to mention an ending that would make George Romero giddy with delight.  And in that same breath, the film is overflowing with social commentary from the very first shot to the closing credit song.  This, however, was not an intentional choice by the filmmakers.

“I don’t think we ever really tried to come up with any kind of serious message that people could take away from it.  We came up an idea we wanted to have fun with,” Beasley said.  “Neither one of us are full vegetarians or anything,” added Nichols.

Well, I guess I don’t feel too bad eating my burger anymore…

Nichols and Beasley are currently in production on a comedic web series entitled “Mall Joggers.”  Nichols also produced the underground hit “The Last Lovecraft:  Relic of Cthulu.”  Be sure to follow Owlet Pictures on Twitter.

LA Horror Review: “Homeless Joe”

Maybe you walk past one on your way to work.  Maybe you see one standing next to an on-ramp by the highway.  You probably never really pay them any attention at all.  Most of us choose to ignore the homeless and pretend they simply aren’t there.  They are society’s forgotten victims of an all too cruel world and can hardly fend for themselves.  Well, all except for one: Homeless Joe, the deranged and very pissed off homeless killer in Bruce Fordyce’s unbelievably entertaining low budget slasher extravaganza.

“Homeless Joe’s” Sean Goodman (Eric Stayberg) has a confidence problem.  He can never get the girl; he’s overshadowed by his horny and obnoxious friends; and he’s simply looking for a reason to keep on going.  After being coaxed into a night of drunken debauchery, Sean’s journey begins as his friends harass the wrong homeless guy and end up in the clutches of Homeless Joe, the genetically engineered, metal toothed, axe-wielding psychopath who gets his rocks off by killing helpless teenagers.  It’s now up to Sean to face his fears and save the day or fall fate to brutal murder himself…

To be honest, this movie is way better than it probably should be.  While it does have some cheesy moments and some less than Shakespearean performances at times, this was a seriously fun trip.  The shining star is our hero Stayberg, who gives, hands down, the best performance and plays the loser redemption card masterfully.  He is believable and likeable; his character truly goes through a journey and the worse things get for him, the stronger he becomes.  His supporting cast does their job well and the cheese ultimately makes the movie stronger.  There are a couple of unbelievably funny moments and one-liners, as well as plenty of horror stereotypes nailed to a tee: the far-out stoner, the horny guy, the pissed off jock and, naturally, plenty of beautiful (and busty) babes.  It’s the perfect cast for a movie like “Homeless Joe.”

“Homeless Joe” truly does have MAXIMUM BODY COUNT!

The real credit to the picture however should go to writer, Mike Merickel, and writer/director/editor, Bruce Fordyce.  In terms of a story about a psychopathic homeless killer, I don’t think there could be a better script.  There are plenty of legitimate twists and surprises and the story really grows into something larger than life.  And while this is obviously a low budget film, Fordyce’s direction was intelligent and entertaining.  There were many camera tricks and shocking reveals that really helped drive the story and keep it interesting.  In particular, there is a rather impressive scene in a parking structure that consisted of two, maybe three long, well-choreographed and suspenseful shots.  I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat when I wasn’t leaning back due to giddy laughter.

And that’s the last thing.  This movie is funny—very funny actually.  A couple of accidental gunshots (“You shot her you slut!”), heaping amounts of over the top gore, several well-timed uses of the “Howie scream” and even a severed penis (that was very realistic, by the way), this movie had me rolling throughout.  It’s funny, gory as hell and full of nasty little surprises.  What else can you ask for in a horror movie?!

“Homeless Joe” is not yet available on DVD, but when it is, it will no doubt become a favorite for fans of obscure and over-the-top horror.  It certainly has replay value and a heart that most other low budget horror flicks can only dream of having.  Keep your eyes peeled.  “Homeless Joe” is a serious killer!

“Homeless Joe” was produced by Patty Sharkey and Mike Merickel, the team behind another one of LAHorror.com’s favorites, “Bloody Wedding.”