Presents: “For Jennifer,” Now Available!

In 2013, James Cullen Bressack released the indie hit “To Jennifer,” the first feature film shot on an iPhone.  In 2016, we released our sequel, “2 Jennifer,” and the following year we helped produce “From Jennifer,” the third in the series.  Now, Jennifer returns!, Lone Morsel Productions and James Cullen Bressack are proud to announce that “For Jennifer” is now available on iTunes & Amazon streaming!  This is the first feature film written & directed by Jody Barton, who has been a staple actor in the Jennifer franchise.

Jennifer, Stefanie, and Joey are making a movie. But soon the lines between what is a movie and what is real begin to disappear. And when making a horror movie, that can be a difference between life and death…

This film takes this franchise to a whole new level, both visually and in storytelling.  Weaving all of the previous films together with the use of over 20 different cameras, this flick takes you down a rabbit hole of paranoia, madness and murder, all in the name of making a movie…

“For Jennifer” stars Tiffani Fest in the title role, Rich Finley and Lanett Tachel.  The film also features appearances from JENNIFER alums Charles Chudabala, Meghan Deanna Smith, Danielle Taddei, Felissa Rose and Hunter Johnson.  Also appearing is Nick Kekeris, Dominique Swain and Don Barris.  The film was produced by James Cullen Bressack, Jody Barton, Frank Merle and Hunter Johnson.

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