Happy New Year from LAHorror.com!!

Hello Horror Lovers!! It’s been a minute since I’ve put out a proper update and thought that the start of the New Year, 2023, would be a perfect time to share some of the awesome things we’ve been working on this past year and a tease of some things to come!

Firstly, I had the opportunity to have a very cool discussion with the incredible Podcast DEATH BY DVD. I’ve become a huge fan of this show since meeting its creator Harry-Scott Sullivan via a funny Twitter beef. It’s definitely the most in depth interview I’ve done in regards to my work, and I appreciate Harry for taking the time to check out our work and chat both the good and problematic elements of my films. You can listen to the episode here:

I cannot recommend this Podcast enough – it’s very well produced and has a very wide variety of funny & insightful film, horror and fictional content. I highly recommend the “WHO SHOT HANK?” New Years audio drama! #HappyNewYear!!

My newest film, “SAWED OFF,” dropped on digital & DVD via Uncork’d Entertainment and will be hitting more platforms very soon! Starring Jody Barton, Eva Hamilton & Trae Ireland, Produced by Jeff Miller and James Cullen Bressack. This was an extremely fun and challenging project that I think will satisfy lovers of campy indie horror! Be sure to check out our interviews about the film as well with World Film Geek, Dead Talk Live, Selling Your Screenplay and Autimagination Media!

Brandon Slagle’s “FROST,” starring Devanny Pinn and Vernon Wells dropped via Cleopatra Entertainment. I worked as the Production Manager on this shoot and seeing the completed film for the first time this year was a trip! Such gnarly horror with some incredible performances! Grab a copy here or stream the film here!

DAWN” dropped via Uncork’d Entertainment! I had the privilege working as the 3rd Unit Director on this film and shooting some super fun kill scenes!! Definitely check out this thriller starring Jackie Moore, Sarah French & Jared Cohn!

TALES FROM THE OTHER SIDE” dropped via Uncork’d Entertainment! I acted in Frank Merle’s segment “BLOOD RED,” written by Gordon Bressack. This was a very fun and challenging role, and to see it complete was incredibly satisfying. Pick up a copy here or check out the film!

HOW TO KILL YOUR ROOMMATES AND GET AWAY WITH IT” dropped on Blu Ray and Digital!! I loved working with Director Pat Kusnadi on this film and have very fond memories filming this movie! I act in this film opposite Nicole Cinaglia, Lara Jean Mummert, Felissa Rose & Dave Sheridan, and think this is one of my favorite performances in my career so far.

16 BITS,” Aaron Mento’s new horror comedy had it’s International and US film festival premiere! This film is absolutely bonkers and acting in this project was so, so much fun! Produced by & Starring Kevin Caliber as the deranged WAXX WASTER, keep this one on your radar (especially if you’re a fan of “UGLY SWEATER PARTY”) or keep your eyes peeled here for screening / release updates!

Speaking of UGLY SWEATER PARTY, the second limited run of Blu-Rays are now available and going fast! Be sure to pick one up with this brand new cover art!! Or stream the film on Amazon!

BODY COUNT” began production in 2022, including filming my segment “LET THEM EAT CAKE”! This horror anthology is helmed by Jennifer Nangle (aka MALVOLIA: THE QUEEN OF SCREAMS) and I’m very excited to see the other films and complete this anthology in the New Year!

DRIFT,” Nicole Cinaglia’s short apocalyptic drama film had its film festival debut! I was a Producer / Assistant Director on this film and I’m very stoked for this team – a lot of passion in this film and when it’s available publicly we will be sharing it here!

I created multiple short horror films for the Los Angeles horror filmmaker accountability group “JUST SCARE ME.” I love this group of filmmakers and participating in this exercise has been extremely refreshing. These creepy horror short horror films can be found on our Short Films page.

On a more personal note, 2022 was one of my most challenging yet fulfilling years as a person. I became a first time Uncle (I love you, Alma!), I got back on the running trail and completed my 3rd full marathon, I took major steps to improve my mental health & outlook and grew closer to my partner Amanda in an awesome way. We created a TikTok page (just for fun ; ) where we chronicle our growing collection of VHS tapes! I love this girl more than I love Horror Tapes, if you’re a TikToker, give us a follow!

And while I’m certain this New Year will bring it’s own challenges, surprises and strange left turns, I feel I’m finally ready to really raise the bar for my work and deliver some incredible new character driven horror. Stay tuned here as we prepare to share news about our upcoming films “TERRA BELLA,” “PORCELAIN,” and MUCH more that I can’t talk about…yet!!

I wish you, yes, YOU, the best of luck, the most happiness and a 2023 full of love & successes!! Thank you to all who follow our work, support indie horror films & love HORROR!!

Happy New Year & 1,000s XOs,

Hunter Johnson

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