LA Horror Review: “In Defense of Traditional Marriage”

Marriage is scary, everybody knows that.  And as if there isn’t enough on our plates when dealing with our nuptials, some feel the need to turn marriage into one of those hot button issues.  After all, while marriage is a magical time in our lives it’s also a very controversial issue that our society needs to address.  Writer/Director Thom Newell throws his horrifying two cents into the marriage debate with his hilarious short film, “In Defense of Traditional Marriage.”

Ahhh, true love.  This is a horror film that works on a variety of levels.  First of all, great hook.  For a moment I questioned if I was even watching a horror, then blammo, it’s on.  Thom Newell’s over-the-top satire works because while I don’t necessarily know what the piece is trying to say about traditional marriage as we know it, I do know that it’s damn gory and hella funny, so we’ll all just agree to get along on this issue for now.

Excellent use of gore as well with a terrific design as well, this is definitely one of the most beautiful brides I’ve seen in quite some time.  And lastly, the cast does a terrific job.  Some genuinely funny moments that made me laugh out loud throughout.

Pass me a kleenex…I always DIE at weddings!

For more from filmmaker Thom Newell, be sure to visit his official website.  You can also follow Newell on Twitter.

LA Horror Presents: “Summer of the Zombies”

Well, summer is nearing its end, sadly, and pretty soon the weather will be getting colder.  It’s a damn shame, too because who doesn’t enjoy sitting out in the sun, cracking open an ice-cold beer and taking a whopping bite of a delicious, juicy flame grilled cheeseburger?  Well, maybe we’ll skip the burger this time, because if “Summer of the Zombies,” the new short film from Owlet Pictures, teaches us anything, it’s that meat really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…even if you’re a flesh eating zombie.

Writer/Directors Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley have certainly taken a classic horror genre and given it a new twist in their 10 minute tale, taking the oft flesh eating villains we all know and love and making them much more appealing to a progressive crowd.  You see, our protagonist in this tale (a zombie, naturally), has a hard time buying into the fact that she’s supposed to eat flesh like the rest of her fellow corpses.  Catch my drift?  Vegetarian Zombies.

“We were literally drinking with friends and we were just talking…I think we said the combo of words vegetarian and zombie, and we just knew instantly that we needed to go home and write it, like, immediately.  And shoot it immediately and get it out there.  It was literally just the wine talking,” Nichols said laughing.

“It’s been received really well; we’ve managed to play at different horror film festivals and we’ve also played at some comedy festivals.  It’s mixed audiences, everyone seems to enjoy it,” Beasley said.

And why not?  The film is plenty gory, oddly heartwarming and full of laugh out loud moments.  Not to mention an ending that would make George Romero giddy with delight.  And in that same breath, the film is overflowing with social commentary from the very first shot to the closing credit song.  This, however, was not an intentional choice by the filmmakers.

“I don’t think we ever really tried to come up with any kind of serious message that people could take away from it.  We came up an idea we wanted to have fun with,” Beasley said.  “Neither one of us are full vegetarians or anything,” added Nichols.

Well, I guess I don’t feel too bad eating my burger anymore…

Nichols and Beasley are currently in production on a comedic web series entitled “Mall Joggers.”  Nichols also produced the underground hit “The Last Lovecraft:  Relic of Cthulu.”  Be sure to follow Owlet Pictures on Twitter.

Yeah – It’s a Zombie Cake.

Hello Horror Lovers!!

Speaking of horror lovers…Megan and Hunter – the two folks who run this site – have just gotten married!!  We will be out for a week or so, however has a ton of sick stuff coming up soon including horror reviews, exclusive on-camera interviews, original films and art to satisfy you sickos, so please stay tuned!!

In the meantime, here’s a little picture of our wedding cake that we enjoyed last night…want a slice?

Photo: What a funnnn groomsmen cake!!

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LA Horror Presents: Lior Molcho

WHO:  Lior Molcho, Make-up artist



“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

“Friday the 13th:  The Final Chapter”











How many horror films have you seen without any gore?  Sure, they’re out there, but they are few and far between.  Violence is to horror as kissing is to romantic comedies.  Lior Molcho knows all too well about gore in the movies and takes pride in being the artist behind it.  He started covering his parents in blood and guts at the tender age of 12.

“I grew up in Israel, so there were no make-up schools, no horror movies…I just watched a lot of horror movies on video.  I really liked Tom Savini’s horror films…I just wanted to get into that.  I had my parents bring me materials and books from the States, actually,” Molcho told








Yet, one thing that wasn’t available commercially in Israel was latex, the main ingredient of many make-up designs.  And due to the fact that latex was not allowed on planes, Molcho’s family had to get creative in acquiring it.

“When I was, I guess, like, 12 or 13, I went with my mom to a condom factory and we just asked them to fill up some coke bottles with latex…they didn’t even charge us; it was, like, the weirdest thing,” Molcho recalled laughing.











Now those are some cool parents.  As Molcho got older, he worked on many projects in Israel, including over 200 music videos.  Within the last year, he’s brought his work to Los Angeles to show people what he can do.  The results?  Well, see for yourself in this disgusting and hilarious music video directed by Molcho for the band, “The Active Set.”

“We had ‘dying’ in the title—we had Halloween coming up, we figured hey, lets do a horror zombie kind of thing…We had less than an afternoon to shoot the whole thing,” Molcho said.  And in that afternoon, Molcho and guts supplier and fellow make up artist, Walt Phelan, created, arguably, the best and zaniest zombie music video ever.

Molcho explained, “It was kind of disturbing, but a lot of fun!”  Kind of disturbing?  An understatement.  He’s just being modest…

Make-up for all photos featured by Lior Molcho.  If you are in need of a make-up artist in the LA area, you can contact Molcho at