Happy Thanksgiving from Ginger Christ!

Holidays are all about great food–everyone knows that.  And this Thanksgiving, Ginger Christ, the super sassy and delightfully demented cooking show host, has served up a whopping feast of horror in her Thanksgiving Special!  Directed by Alex Napiwocki and costarring a group of hilarious misfits (and a certain critter…), Thanksgiving is transformed into an absolute scream with their Ginger Christ holiday horror series.

I love bizarre horror, and as soon as I watched Ginger Christ’s Halloween and now Thanksgiving Specials, I’m sold.  It’s weird, super twisted and will either make you die laughing or turn off the show in disgust!  But if you do that, well, then you’re no damn fun.  Watch Ginger Christ’s Thanksgiving Special, titled “What’s Eating Critter?” here!

Tasty, am I right?  Also be sure to watch her Halloween Special!

Can’t wait Can’t wait what she’s serving up for Christmas…Happy Holidays Horror Lover!

LA Horror Review: “You Are Not Alone”

God bless America, and God bless HORROR!


Writer/Director Derek Mungor, the filmmaker behind LAHorror.com favorite “Desolation Wilderness,” is back with another creeper, “You Are Not Alone.”  This is a super beautiful film is about friendship, memories and revisiting old times…oh yeah, and a totally freaky serial killer.  It’s a genuine slice of life turned hyper suspenseful slasher movie, shot entirely from the prospective of one character.  The film is co-written by Chris O’Brien.

Natalie is a college graduate visiting her hometown over the 4th of July. The night she arrives, she is stalked by a sociopathic killer.

YANA_Still_15I always love it when horror movies have a nice slow burn, but it makes me really hope that the filmmakers pull it off in the end.  Mungor and his team knock this one out of the park.  “You Are Not Alone” is one of the scariest serial killer slashers I have ever seen.  It takes advantage of your perception, aided by sincere and welcoming performances by a fun and likable cast and makes you feel as if you’re truly living as one of the characters in the film.  This both adds to it’s unique charm and also amplifies the horror when things get rough.  And when sometimes slasher movies get caught up in narrative and over explanation, “You Are Not Alone” takes a much different approach.  The film isn’t exactly about why these killings are happening, but moreso about the events themselves.  It’s the best type of slasher film:  one that respects its audience and simply shows you the events of one tragic July 4th weekend.

YANA_Still_18Do yourself a favor and watch this one with ALL of the lights turned off.  I mean that.  Hats off to Mungor and Director of Photography Ryan Glover for creating what seemed like constant suspense and anticipation, primarily through the use of light and shadow.  A great look accompanied by an amazing score by Jason Aud and some ultra creepy sound design by Jason Neumann, this film is incredibly intense…I cannot emphasize that enough.  “You Are Not Alone” is the type of slasher that had me at the edge of my seat, jumping at every turn, and when you see it, chances are you will be too.

And on a side note, it’s really great to see a 4th of July horror movie.  I can honestly say that this film has potential to be a once a year favorite for the BBQ holiday, much in the same way that other holiday horror favorites have found spots in our hearts.  This movie pays homage to a lot of greats before it, yet it never loses itself.  Die hard slasher movie fans, get ready for some fireworks, and remember…”You Are Not Alone.”

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LA Horror Review: “In Defense of Traditional Marriage”

Marriage is scary, everybody knows that.  And as if there isn’t enough on our plates when dealing with our nuptials, some feel the need to turn marriage into one of those hot button issues.  After all, while marriage is a magical time in our lives it’s also a very controversial issue that our society needs to address.  Writer/Director Thom Newell throws his horrifying two cents into the marriage debate with his hilarious short film, “In Defense of Traditional Marriage.”

Ahhh, true love.  This is a horror film that works on a variety of levels.  First of all, great hook.  For a moment I questioned if I was even watching a horror, then blammo, it’s on.  Thom Newell’s over-the-top satire works because while I don’t necessarily know what the piece is trying to say about traditional marriage as we know it, I do know that it’s damn gory and hella funny, so we’ll all just agree to get along on this issue for now.

Excellent use of gore as well with a terrific design as well, this is definitely one of the most beautiful brides I’ve seen in quite some time.  And lastly, the cast does a terrific job.  Some genuinely funny moments that made me laugh out loud throughout.

Pass me a kleenex…I always DIE at weddings!

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LAHorror.com Original: “Melody”

And what’s a treat on Halloween without a trick?!

We are extremely excited to share “Melody,” LAHorror.com’s first official short film!  This one is nasty, everybody, and I hope you like them weird!  This slimy little flick stars Beau SmithEmily Dahm, two incredible actors who totally kill it, and was created by LAHorror.com contributors Hunter Johnson & Megan Perrin.  And you’ve got to love the gore created by Ryan Reynolds, am I right??  We hope that this one finds a special spot in your rotten little horror hearts!

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“Melody” – an LAHorror.com Original Film Coming Soon…

Welcome, horror lovers!  For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Hunter Johnson, and this is LAHorror.com!  I started this website to share the work of amazing indie horror artists and violent gore as I find it, but now, I’d like to introduce you to a creation of our own.  “Melody” is our first original film coming 9/13/14 exclusively to LAHorror.com.  Produced by myself and my partner-in-horror, Megan Perrin, along with the help of associate producers Michael Cannone & Chrissy Cannone, this will be the first film in a series of brutal horror that we currently have in the works.  Needless to say, we’re about to get bloody, and why not start with something really, really nasty?  Well, “Melody” is just that.

Melody Colin Towers Promo

The film is just about 17 minutes long and features the work of some unbelievably talented artists.  Starring stand-up comedian / actor Beau Smith and beautiful Emily Dahm as our title character, “Melody” is not one to be missed.  I can promise you this: our film will leave you feeling slimy and uncomfortable, and the gory ending created by make-up effects guru Ryan Reynolds will be a delight for all of you sickos who enjoy…well…this kind of thing…

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Until then, be sure to let us know what you think by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook!  Thanks so much for checking out our work, and I wish you a lifetime of fear, carnage and terrifying HORROR!


Hunter Johnson

LA Horror Review: “Broken Bones”

A couple of months ago, LA Horror sat down with writer Paul Hart-Wilden and talked horror.  Hart-Wilden has written multiple horror films (most recently “Wolf Town”) as well as a collection of short stories that he has assembled in his self-published horror anthology, “Broken Bones.”  Hart-Wilden was kind enough to give me a copy of his “Broken Bones,” which I had the pleasure of reading last week.  Just do yourself a favor and pick up your copy right now because this book is legit.

Horror anthologies are tricky, and while I have read several, there are usually only one or two stories that really stand out and are memorable.  That’s not the case with “Broken Bones,” not by a long shot.  In fact, this past week I honestly haven’t been able to get some of these out of my head, not only because they were well written and interesting, but because they were disgusting and gory in the best ways imaginable.  Necrophilia, rape, brutal murder, hatred, demons, child murder, disease, self mutilation, love lost and even a couple of vampires—this book has just enough of everything to satisfy the sickest of horror fans.

The first story of the book, “The Way of All Flesh,” has some of the most graphic descriptions of human decomposition that I’ve ever had the joy of reading.  You can almost smell the rotting corpse through the pages, and hear the eerie sound of a thousand tiny insects devouring a human body.  Not only that, the story has one of the creepiest and most haunting endings that really opens up the floodgate for the rest of the book.  It is the perfect hook for “Broken Bones” and instantly grabbed my attention, smashed me in the face and gave me a nervous anticipation for the other stories.

“Dark Heart” was another one that really stuck with me.  It is a tale about two morticians who have an unspoken understanding about sexual desires, and how to use their surroundings to satisfy them.  However, things get hairy when one of their relatives, a beautiful young girl, ends up in a coffin.  It is incredibly creepy, has two very developed and interesting characters and a disgustingly ironic ending that really made me shake my head laughing.  Paul Hart-Wilden…you bastard…

“Black and White” was probably my personal favorite for a couple of reasons.  The story follows a young white supremacist named Jimmy and his gang of hooligans as they terrorize and ultimately murder a young black man on a night out.  After committing this crime however, Jimmy starts to notice something changing about him that he can’t control – his skin slowly starts to darken – and now the tables have turned and his gang is after him.  It is an excellent blend of social commentary, horror and heart that has a certain weight as you read it.  Not only that, the ending left a giant boulder in my guts that I can still feel now as I type.

I could go on and on about each story. There really wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  The thing that made this book as a whole so enjoyable was that each story was horrific in completely different ways and often put my imagination in some very dark places.  Hart-Wilden has no problems creating interesting and developed characters in the span of just a couple short pages, only to thrust them into the worst and most gruesome situations imaginable – spoiler alert – a lot of people die in this book!  And not only was this a horrifying read, it was also interesting.  Many of the stories pointed out the true horrors in our own society in an intelligent way.

And lastly (and most importantly), I just need to emphasize once again, this book is sick.  Seriously sick in all the best ways.  And if you’re sick like me, then I highly recommend getting some “Broken Bones.”