Alien/Predator Marathon

I grew up watching the “Aliens” movies.  I vividly remember being allowed to watch “Aliens” with my father when my mother was working late (he still made me close my eyes during some certain chest bursting scenes).  I was also no stranger to “Predator.”  In fact, I would argue that “Predator” may be Arnold’s true masterpiece, and without a doubt the ultimate guy movie.  Needless to say, when Crave Online‘s Brad Hansen and Athena Stamos invited us to their fifth Movie Marathon featuring every “Alien” and “Predator” movie watched in one day (including “Prometheus” the following day), we were…bursting…with excitement.

Their previous thons included a Star Wars Marathon, Star Trekathon, Batathon, and the insane full Bondathon (25 films, three days), however this was their first horror-thon, and hopefully not their last.  Just imagine a Freddy vs. Jasonthon or a Chuckython.  We’ll see…but in the meantime, here’s how the thon worked:

-Each movie was watched in order of release.

-Only theatrical versions were watched.

-Each movie was rated 1-10 and the averages were taken to choose an ultimate winner.

While we had to miss the Prometheus screening the following day, it was an absolute pleasure watching these favorites again in a 15 hour span.  Check out the time-lapse video created by these two crazy thoners and see just exactly how these movies panned out.

For the record, our ratings were:

“Alien” – 10

“Aliens” – 10

“Predator” – 9

“Predator 2” – 7

“Alien 3” – 4

“Alien Resurrection” – 8

“AVP” – 1

“AVP Requiem” – 5

“Predators” – 8

There you have it folks.  Much thanks to Brad and Athena for the invite – be sure to check out their article on the event on Crave Online here!

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