Tujunga Horror Story: The Beginning

You gotta love sunny California, am I right? It’s beautiful, warm and the neighbors are so welcoming…that is, unless you’re in Armand Petri’s “Tujunga Horror Story,” a three part horror story that allows us to see the peaceful town of Tujunga in a much more sinister light…

While only part one of this story has been released, it certainly sets up an interesting and eerie scenario that most definitely peeked my curiosity. The film follows Ashley (Andrea Garces) and Patrick Brooks (Matthew Thomas Brown), a young couple who has moved into an old home in the city of Tujunga, however it certainly seems that everything is not what it seems. There is a sense of shadiness with the supporting cast around Ashley and Patrick that is somewhat reminiscent of a story like “Rosemary’s Baby.” Not only that, but a foreboding warning and mysterious ghost certainly amps up the intensity.  And while this introduction into the story certainly raises more questions than answers, it lays down a solid foundation for what looks to be a very promising horror story.

But the story isn’t everything because this project certainly appears to have some ambitious goals set for itself.  Director Armand Petri goes balls out for his vision for “Tujunga Horror Story,” and while the sample size is small, it reeks of serious potential. Some awesome aerial shots of the city of Tujunga set the tone for this project, accompanied by a haunting and totally horrifying original score by Dara Taylor.   Throw in some sexy and talented actors and you’ve got all the pieces for a terrific horror story. But don’t take my word for it, watch the first installment now!

The remaining two parts will be released over the summer as a means to gather support for a feature length film version of the project, so keep your eyes peeled as this is only the beginning…

To learn more about “Tujunga Horror Story,” be sure to “like” them on Facebook. You can also follow Director Armand Petri on twitter. Armand Petri is currently raising funds for a new short film to raise awareness for HIV & AIDS; to learn more visit their indie gogo!

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