Happy Thanksgiving from Ginger Christ!

Holidays are all about great food–everyone knows that.  And this Thanksgiving, Ginger Christ, the super sassy and delightfully demented cooking show host, has served up a whopping feast of horror in her Thanksgiving Special!  Directed by Alex Napiwocki and costarring a group of hilarious misfits (and a certain critter…), Thanksgiving is transformed into an absolute scream with their Ginger Christ holiday horror series.

I love bizarre horror, and as soon as I watched Ginger Christ’s Halloween and now Thanksgiving Specials, I’m sold.  It’s weird, super twisted and will either make you die laughing or turn off the show in disgust!  But if you do that, well, then you’re no damn fun.  Watch Ginger Christ’s Thanksgiving Special, titled “What’s Eating Critter?” here!

Tasty, am I right?  Also be sure to watch her Halloween Special!

Can’t wait Can’t wait what she’s serving up for Christmas…Happy Holidays Horror Lover!

“RVTH: Genesis” – Watch This Horror Web Series!

Hello Horror Lovers!

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you “RVTH: GENESIS” – a new horror web series co-produced by LAHorror.com! This project, created by Brialynn Massie, follows the story of Eli Connors and his sister Ruth, as they come face to face with the forces of evil. This is an intense piece of work that dives into many horrifying issues – consider this your trigger warning.

The first season is complete, watch every episode right here on LAHorror.com! Enjoy!

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LAHorror.com Original: “Knife Party”

Happy Fucking Halloween, Horror Lovers!

I hope you’re having a ghoulish holiday, and to sweeten it up just a bit, we’ve got a treat that will really satisfy your appetite for CARNAGE!  LAHorror.com is stoked to premiere our new short horror film, “Knife Party”!  This little slice of horror is directed by Paul Stephen Edwards and produced by LAHorror.com contributors Mikhail Zakharchuk and Hunter Johnson.  It also features a totally dope soundtrack from TeKNOsuicidE!  So put on your best outfit and come join Alec JamesChrissy Cannone, Cassandra JonesRobert Michael Price and myself to the “Knife Party”! I’ll be sure to bring my sharpest cutlery, too…cheers!

MMM…I’m hungry for seconds…

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LAHorror.com Announces “Knife Party” – a new horror film coming soon…

While LAHorror.com short film “Melody” is getting ready to drop on 9/13/14, we are excited to begin production on our new film “Knife Party,” a terrifying descent into carnage and the belly of the beast!  The short film, which will be directed by Paul Stephen Edwards and produced by contributors Mikhail Zakharchuk and Hunter Johnson, is being filmed in Southern California this month.  It will be featuring actors Alec James, Hunter Johnson, Chrissy Cannone, Cassandra Jones and Robert Michael Price in what’s shaping out to be a feast of super GORE! Get ready horror lovers, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook for updates, behind the scenes photos and more!

knife party promo

LA Horror Review: “Exile”

Exile 2Who doesn’t like an awesome alien invasion movie? We don’t get many of them, but when we do, they usually involve F-16 fighter jets, massive explosions and hordes of flying saucers.  But that’s not the case in “Exile” (formerly “The Sunderland Experiment”), a gruesome and thought provoking horror flick from Blatke Productions that was incredibly effective in all the best ways.  I’m making a prediction:  “Exile” will be very well received by fans of creepy, undeniably original and thought provoking science-fiction horror.  This film was such a delightful surprise.

The story is anything but simple, and I’m almost hesitant to get too far into the actual plot.  I honestly didn’t know much about this film when I saw it, and I feel like that only made it more enjoyable and shocking.  I will say this quickly:  the story revolves around young man named David (Dylan O’Brien) and his fellow classmates in the small town of Sunderland.  Also residing is the “Angel,” a ruthless and haunting creature who gives an ultimatum to every resident of Sunderland:  worship and obey her to become blessed, or fall and become an outcast.

Sounds pretty far out, right?

Directors Sean Blau and Adam Petke assume that their audience is intelligent and open-minded and lets them experience the events in Sunderland just as the residents do.  The world they created is nasty, scary and oddly believable, given the nature of cults and extreme religion in our societies nowadays.  And maybe that’s what makes “Exile” so unique.  This is without a doubt an alien vs. human style monster movie, however it never even gets close to touching the clichés that so often stick to that genre.  And while there’s plenty of scares in “The Sunderland Experiment,” there’s also plenty of laughs and real human moments.  Blau and Petke have made a thoughtful and dynamic film that also manages to push the boundaries of extreme horror.

And let’s talk about the horror.  This movie is gory—super gory—and the Angel is seriously fucking creepy.  Not only that, but from a technical perspective, this movie was seamless.   There’s a wonderful blend of puppetry and special effects, enhanced by beautiful cinematography, a simple yet extremely detailed setting and sound design that is out of this world.  When the Angel speaks, you can’t help but feel a crawling sensation up your spine, and I found myself to feel very invested in the characters while watching.

O’Brien steals the show as lead man David and gives an honest, endearing performance along side of the loveable and spunky Cassie (Katie Reed).  It’s so nice to watch a horror movie where you actually root for the main characters, and these two lead a terrific ensemble.  The townspeople of Sunderland were delightfully creepy, and kudos to voice actress Dennice Cisneros who is a powerful force throughout this film.

Looking at the small size of the cast and crew of this film, they’ve definitely accomplished something special.  Rarely do you see small, indie horror films look, sound and feel this good.  This film will undoubtably find its audience, and it really sticks with you.  Keep your eyes peeled because you do not want to miss this.

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LA Horror Review: “Broken Bones”

A couple of months ago, LA Horror sat down with writer Paul Hart-Wilden and talked horror.  Hart-Wilden has written multiple horror films (most recently “Wolf Town”) as well as a collection of short stories that he has assembled in his self-published horror anthology, “Broken Bones.”  Hart-Wilden was kind enough to give me a copy of his “Broken Bones,” which I had the pleasure of reading last week.  Just do yourself a favor and pick up your copy right now because this book is legit.

Horror anthologies are tricky, and while I have read several, there are usually only one or two stories that really stand out and are memorable.  That’s not the case with “Broken Bones,” not by a long shot.  In fact, this past week I honestly haven’t been able to get some of these out of my head, not only because they were well written and interesting, but because they were disgusting and gory in the best ways imaginable.  Necrophilia, rape, brutal murder, hatred, demons, child murder, disease, self mutilation, love lost and even a couple of vampires—this book has just enough of everything to satisfy the sickest of horror fans.

The first story of the book, “The Way of All Flesh,” has some of the most graphic descriptions of human decomposition that I’ve ever had the joy of reading.  You can almost smell the rotting corpse through the pages, and hear the eerie sound of a thousand tiny insects devouring a human body.  Not only that, the story has one of the creepiest and most haunting endings that really opens up the floodgate for the rest of the book.  It is the perfect hook for “Broken Bones” and instantly grabbed my attention, smashed me in the face and gave me a nervous anticipation for the other stories.

“Dark Heart” was another one that really stuck with me.  It is a tale about two morticians who have an unspoken understanding about sexual desires, and how to use their surroundings to satisfy them.  However, things get hairy when one of their relatives, a beautiful young girl, ends up in a coffin.  It is incredibly creepy, has two very developed and interesting characters and a disgustingly ironic ending that really made me shake my head laughing.  Paul Hart-Wilden…you bastard…

“Black and White” was probably my personal favorite for a couple of reasons.  The story follows a young white supremacist named Jimmy and his gang of hooligans as they terrorize and ultimately murder a young black man on a night out.  After committing this crime however, Jimmy starts to notice something changing about him that he can’t control – his skin slowly starts to darken – and now the tables have turned and his gang is after him.  It is an excellent blend of social commentary, horror and heart that has a certain weight as you read it.  Not only that, the ending left a giant boulder in my guts that I can still feel now as I type.

I could go on and on about each story. There really wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  The thing that made this book as a whole so enjoyable was that each story was horrific in completely different ways and often put my imagination in some very dark places.  Hart-Wilden has no problems creating interesting and developed characters in the span of just a couple short pages, only to thrust them into the worst and most gruesome situations imaginable – spoiler alert – a lot of people die in this book!  And not only was this a horrifying read, it was also interesting.  Many of the stories pointed out the true horrors in our own society in an intelligent way.

And lastly (and most importantly), I just need to emphasize once again, this book is sick.  Seriously sick in all the best ways.  And if you’re sick like me, then I highly recommend getting some “Broken Bones.”

LA Horror Presents: Will Penny

Cookies and milk.  Cream and sugar.  Jason and a machete.  Some things are just meant to go together, and Will Penny shows us exactly that in his ridiculous and hilarious comic strips titled “Sex and Monsters.”  We must warn you, fair reader, “Sex and Monsters” is by far the least frightening but potentially deadliest thing ever featured on this website.   Be careful to not die laughing…

Penny’s comic strips are full of, well, sex and monsters, two of every true horror fans favorite things.  He was the campus newspaper cartoonist in his college days, and though he works as a professional in law now, he uses his extra time to continue his passion for art and horror through his comic strips.

“I’m a big horror nerd.  I’m a comic book nerd, but actually I was a horror nerd first.  And I think that comes out of growing up on the old classic black and white Universal horror films,” Penny told LAHorror.com.  Yet, movies alone didn’t do it.  Penny was an avid horror comic book fan growing up and draws much of his inspiration from the comics that used to spook him.  “And of course anytime you mention comic books and horror you always have to drop in the EC comics, you know, the first and last name in horror comics.  So, of course, I was heavily influenced by ‘The Crypt Keeper,’ ‘The Vault Keeper’ and ‘The Old Witch.”

Other notable influences Penny taps into are “Cracked,” one of his favorite horror magazines as well as several writers/illustrators from Playboy.  Together, these pieces are put together in Penny’s “R” rated comics in a ghastly fashion.  (Speaking of which, “Sex and Monsters” was recently nominated for a Ghastly Award, which celebrates excellent up-and-coming horror comics).

Penny is not simply the writer of these strips, but also illustrates and colors each one in a process that can take over a week to complete.  But that is only the tip of the iceberg for “Sex and Monsters.”  Penny also creates hilarious “Crack-Ups,” montages of images from the very same horror movies he grew up watching with hilarious and unexpected punch lines.  Penny has successfully transformed so many once-horrifying characters into the butt-end of some zany humor.  Check out a couple of our favorites.

“Sex and Monsters” is without a doubt one of the silliest things we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, but the true punch line of all of this is in how Penny came up with the idea for this strip.  You see, “Sex and Monsters” was created by accident in a strange way only just over a year ago.  Penny was trying to get tickets to last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but they were all sold out.  Determined to attend, Penny got creative.

“I looked online [and thought], ‘What are other ways to get tickets,’ and one of the ways they said you could get into the show, the convention, is if you were an actual professional.  And you applied for a professional pass, but to do that you had to have an actual comic strip up on the web or a book published in your name.  I was like ‘crap, I only have a few months to get something started so I could get tickets to this show.’  That’s basically the genesis of ‘Sex and Monsters,’” Penny told us laughing.  For the record, it totally worked.

Check out Will Penny’s full collection of “Sex and Monsters” at www.SexandMonsters.com.