“Melody” – an LAHorror.com Original Film Coming Soon…

Welcome, horror lovers!  For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Hunter Johnson, and this is LAHorror.com!  I started this website to share the work of amazing indie horror artists and violent gore as I find it, but now, I’d like to introduce you to a creation of our own.  “Melody” is our first original film coming 9/13/14 exclusively to LAHorror.com.  Produced by myself and my partner-in-horror, Megan Perrin, along with the help of associate producers Michael Cannone & Chrissy Cannone, this will be the first film in a series of brutal horror that we currently have in the works.  Needless to say, we’re about to get bloody, and why not start with something really, really nasty?  Well, “Melody” is just that.

Melody Colin Towers Promo

The film is just about 17 minutes long and features the work of some unbelievably talented artists.  Starring stand-up comedian / actor Beau Smith and beautiful Emily Dahm as our title character, “Melody” is not one to be missed.  I can promise you this: our film will leave you feeling slimy and uncomfortable, and the gory ending created by make-up effects guru Ryan Reynolds will be a delight for all of you sickos who enjoy…well…this kind of thing…

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Hunter Johnson

Four Horror Films That We’re DYING To See…

So much great horror!!!  We thought we’d take a moment to show you a couple of bad-ass trailers for some indie horror films that we’re absolutely DYING to see!  Keep your eyes peeled for these flicks, especially if you like murder, monsters and horrifying GORE!  Enjoy horror lovers!

Truth or Dare”  (Facebook / Twitter)

This trailer just dropped TODAY and damn it looks fucking nasty!  I love a ton of gore in a horror flick so if this trailer is any indication of things to come, then this looks like a must see.  This flick has been absolutely killing it in the horror festivals, and major props to filmmaker / #ScreamQueen Jessica Cameron for showing us some of the gross stuff in this trailer!  Can’t wait!

Pernicious”  (Facebook / Twitter)

I’m a sucker for what some people call “torture porn,” and while this trailer definitely has some of that vibe, it also has a mysterious beauty about it, not to mention a very intriguing looking villain.  This film is from James Cullen Bressack, an LAHorror.com featured artist, so you know it’s going to be sick!  And for God’s sake people…don’t fuck with ancient artifacts.  Like, ever.

The Bunnyman Massacre”  (Facebook)

I love bizarre stories where anybody can be a victim, and judging by this trailer “Bunnyman Massacre” looks like it’s going to be super violent and over the top.  We interviewed Director Carl Lindbergh a while back about this film, and since he has been knee deep in horror with several projects coming up, including “Bunnyman 3,” which begins filming soon.  This horror blogger may even be making an appearance…

Brutal”  (Facebook)

Okay, so this doesn’t necessarily look like a horror movie per say, but damn it looks disgusting!  While I’m sort of a noob when it comes to MMA, I definitely think this flick looks like a knock out.  Director Donald Lawrence Flaherty certainly knows how to ramp up the intensity, and it definitely looks like this flick will live up to it’s own name…brutal!

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“How the Sky Will Melt” – Teaser Trailer

Matthew Wade, one of LAHorror.com’s first featured filmmakers, has recently dropped the trailer for his feature film “How the Sky Will Melt,” and while this is only a small glimpse into this project it certainly looks fantastic.  Wade’s films have such a unique and eerie vibe, not to mention the old-school look and sound that is reminiscent of a simpler, grittier age of bizarre horror.  We featured their promo video a while back, but now you’ve got to check out the teaser for the film itself!  It certainly raises a hell of a lot more questions than answers, but damn it looks beautiful!  Enjoy horror lovers!

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“Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds” – Promo Trailer

Real horror is often not the carnage that a monster or ghost can inflict upon a person, but rather what a man can do to his fellow man.  Fear, paranoia and self-preservation can cloud the judgment of people and can transform even the sanest person into a monster themselves. We see it time and time again in history, and even innocent, seemingly insignificant events can spiral the masses into a frenzied panic. We are creatures of imagination, and we all know that it can run wild…

Perhaps one of the most famous American versions of this phenomenon took place in 1938, when Orson Welles’ fictional radio drama entitled “The War of the Worlds” played nationwide to an audience of overly trusting Americans. The program, an interperatation of H.G. Wells novel of the same title, famously plays out as a regular radio show interrupted by breaking news of a violent martian invasion. The results? Mass panic. Fear. Carnage. And maybe even death.

And can we really blame them? After all, these were much “simpler” times, and “The War of the Worlds” radio program could easily be considered one of the first (dare I say this…) “found footage style” stories, and it worked too perfectly. And while we are all familiar with this important piece of horror history, there really hasn’t been a nasty, horror driven interpretation of this historical time on film…until now…well, sort of.

2 Man Production, the production-company that brought us the awesome and super freaky “An American Horror Story,” and their Texas Chainsaw inspired fan trailer “The Best There Ever Was,” is back with a new promo trailer that finally tells the real story of “The War of the Worlds.” Centered around a small farm town, this story follows several families listening to the program, when a huge storm knocks out their power before they realize it was a work of fiction.  Needless to say, chaos erupts.  And while this is only a promo trailer, it certainly shows some incredible potential to a story that has yet to be told. Not to mention, these guys make beautiful films. So what are you waiting for?? CHECK THIS OUT NOW!

“Survivor Type” – Watch it online NOW!

LAHorror.com is stoked to say that Billy Hanson’s short film “Survivor Type,” based on the short story by Stephen King of the same title, is now available to watch online via the American Online Film Awards!  As one of King’s Dollar Babies, films like this are rarely available online, so this is truly a great opportunity to not only support some amazing independent filmmakers, but also watch a gruesome movie that I absolutely dug.  This is without a doubt one of the most brutal short horror films I have ever seen.  Check out the festival trailer here!

This flick has an unbelievable performance from leading man Gideon Emery, is extremely effective given the small scope of the story and has some of the most gut-wrenching and nasty make-up and gore effects that you could ever hope for.  If you’re a fan of Stephen King, a fan of independent horror or just a fan of the macabre, then check this movie out now!  You will NOT regret it…unless you have a weak stomach, that is…enjoy!

Keep up with “Survivor Type” at the film’s official website. You can also “like” the film on Facebook.

“The Best There Ever Was”

What good horror fan doesn’t want another “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film?!  They’re mean, nasty and always full of guts.  The mere sound of that chainsaw revving up and covering a hopeless scream with it’s menacing roar just warms my heart!  “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise has always been an all time favorite amongst us sickos, myself in particular, which is precisely why we have to share this fan made trailer by some awesome filmmakers who may love this franchise more than anybody else!

“The Best There Ever Was” is a promotional trailer from 2 Man Production for a film that I certainly hope they get to make.  They have the film written and wanted to give a glimpse into their vision of the loveable Sawyer family, in particular Grandpa, who we all know was the best killer there ever was.  A trailer like this truly shows the passion horror fans have for these films and this could really bring The Texas Chainsaw Massacre back to it’s glory days, or should I say, GORY days.

Filmmaker Derek Cole breaks it down nicely as to what this film, if it indeed can get made, would contribute to this franchise.  “I have wanted to do this film since I was a kid.  Something about them calling Grandpa ‘The Best There Ever Was.’  A family doesn’t just decide to be crazy all at once they are usually raised to be such a way so I thought it would be cool to kind of incorporate the Grandpa more and see how this family took such a turn to go bat shit crazy as they clearly are.”

Intrigued yet?  Well now for the fun part…enjoy, and SHARE this trailer if you think it would be an awesome flick…it could just help it get made!!

We will keep you posted on this project as we learn more!  2 Man Production is also behind “An American Ghost Story,” which we reviewed here.  “An American Ghost Story” is now available on DVD, and we HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

LA Horror Presents: “Survivor Type” (coming soon)

Who doesn’t love some Stephen King?  Every horror fan has either read or seen some of his work and can appreciate King as a true superman of the genre.  His countless books, short stories and poetry have gone on to influence waves of aspiring horror artists, writers and filmmakers.  And because of King’s strong encouragement of film adaptations of his work, filmmakers like Billy Hanson have been able to share their love for King with their own personal twist.

Billy Hanson, writer and director of the upcoming short film “Survivor Type,” has promised a truly horrifying and nasty project based on King’s 1982 short story of the same title.  The story is told through the video journal entries of young surgeon trapped on a deserted island.  With no food in sight, he must do the unthinkable:  eat himself to stay alive.

Sounds like fun, right?  Well check out the teaser trailer for Hanson’s new film and find out what he had to say about it to LAHorror.com!

LA Horror:  Of all of the short stories by Stephen King, what made “Survivor Type” so appealing to make into a film?  

Hanson:  “Survivor Type” is a story that really sticks with you for a lot of different reasons.  Before I wrote the script, I would tell people what it was about in a very general and vague way and they would cringe and get grossed out at the thought of it.  If you have the chance to tell a story where even talking about it makes people uncomfortable, you have to jump on it.  It’s rare to find an idea that strong.

As soon as I found out that “Survivor Type” was on the Dollar Baby list, I jumped on it right away and started working on a script, even before we heard back that we were cleared to make it.  I also really love the idea of sticking with one character as he goes through this inner turmoil completely alone.  As much as I love the gore and the disgusting bits (and I do), it’s a really interesting and intense character study.  It deals with very basic conflicts that everybody feels, you know; are you going to Heaven or Hell; do your good or your bad deeds determine who you are; what do you do when facing such a hopeless situation and a slow, agonizing death?  It was really fun to explore those ideas in the guise of a bloody and disgusting horror movie.

LA Horror:  From the trailer it looks like actor Gideon Emery is going to rock this movie.  Tell us a little bit about his performance and his reaction to being a one-man movie.

Gideon Emery plays the stranded, and delicious, Richard Pine.

Hanson:  I know people boast about their actors all the time, but Gideon Emery gave a performance that was nothing short of incredible.  We were out there for four days on the cliffs in Malibu, shooting about 26 pages of dialogue and very intense make-up and special effects, and he was honestly great in every scene.  Even in the smaller, quicker scenes, he’d calculated Richard Pine’s descent into madness so well that I was amazed on set, then amazed again when I saw dailies every night.  It’s a really powerful and at times, heartbreaking performance.

We spoke a few times before the shoot, talking about the character and who he is and what he’s going through on the island, so on the day I gave very little direction and just basically let him loose to do his thing.  I didn’t give many notes at all.

One thing I was worried about before we cast was that this part could easily go down the hammy, cheesy road with the crazy things he has to do, but on set those worries were gone right away.  The funny stuff is funny, the horrible stuff is horrifying, and every second of footage we shot was completely believable thanks to Gideon’s meticulous work.

Another great thing is that Gideon is a voice actor, so he has great control over what his voice sounds like, and as you’ll notice, even in the trailer, his voice changes significantly from beginning to end.  That was all him.  I loved it, because it adds another layer of horror and realism to what’s happening to him, physically.  His voice work helped with the pages and pages of monologues, too.  This movie relies so heavily on Richard Pine, but ultimately will be rewarded with a great performance from Gideon.

LA Horror:  How about the special effects?  Just how gory is this movie?

Hanson:  The very first thing we did was look for a make-up guy, even before the script was done.  We had to see if it was even possible to achieve what we wanted without spending $100,000.  We found Doug Murphy through a couple of friends who’d worked with him on this great short called “Dark Times”.  We met with Doug and talked about the movie and what we wanted to do (which was a lot) and we all figured out some creative ways to get what we needed economically.  That being said, there are at least a few effects in the film that will really surprise and impress people.

Going back to what I was saying with the video diary, we realized that we didn’t have the convenience of cutting away or framing out any of the big effects.  Either way, there was no point in us doing this story if we were going to cheat the audience out of the nasty stuff, so we charged forward and had several very ambitious builds.  I think we had a fake leg, a broken ankle application, a fake hand, fake ear, rotting teeth, sunburns, and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.

It was a big job for Doug and his team, but they pulled off a great achievement with this project.  Whenever Gideon walked onto set with the next stage of make-up, it was cringe-worthy.  The teeth and the ear especially creeped me out, but wait until you see the leg amputation.  The awesome make-up with Gideon’s performance, it’s unbelievable.

“Survivor Type” will be hitting festivals this fall.  To support this film, please visit their IndieGoGo page.  You can also view more behind the scenes pictures and interviews here.

LA Horror Presents: “D&F3R”

Things don’t go well for Betty and Skip…

This is a special news bulletin!  This is a special news bulletin!  There have been reports of another girl missing at the hands of the Homestead Ripper!  We at LAHorror.com along with local authorities urge you to stay in your homes at all costs, and for God’s sake don’t get caught necking with your boyfriend in the woods!

Well, that’s only part of the set up in writer/director Brian L. Hauge‘s multi-genre horror short, “D&F3R:  Dead and Floating in Three Rivers.”  Set in 1956, this movie has a serial killer, biological weapons, zombies and even a plane crashing, dead awakening blow-job all in the span of ten short minutes.

Beautifully shot and directed, “D&F3R” is by far one of the most unique pieces submitted to us so far.  It plays with some classic cliches as well as turning some others on their head, not to mention a wicked sense of humor in some of the sequences.

This movie went to a multitude of horror festivals including it’s premier at the 2008 Fright Night Film Festival and has garnished over 260,000 views on YouTube.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Well, what the hell are you waiting for??  Quit reading this story, click the link below and give this movie a shot!

LA Horror Presents: “Bunnyman 2” (coming soon)

We received a tip from writer/director/producer Carl Lindbergh about his upcoming horror film “Bunnyman 2.”  We checked out the trailer and it looks ultra creepy and fun.  While the film is currently in post production, we got the inside scoop from Lindbergh about the film, as well as a little bit about him as an artist.

LAHorror:  Tell us about the story of “Bunnyman 2.”  What the fuck is up with this bunny?

Lindbergh:  As the trailer suggests, this is one very pissed off giant bunny. Obviously someone really upset him, and as a result, he takes out his frustration on any and everyone that crosses his path. “Bunnyman 2” follows the antagonist’s story line, and is about the title character and a crazy redneck trying to manage the stress of killing all these random people.

LAHorror:  Why should people see “Bunnyman 2?”  What type of horror are you striving for?  What makes it unique (besides the fact that it has a Bunnyman)?

Lindbergh:  Well the opening scene shows a giant Bunnyman slaughtering a bus full of kids. I would say that’s a pretty unique way to start a film!  I certainly haven’t seen it before and I watch a lot of horror films. The main thing I want to stress is that “Bunnyman 2” is not cheesy, it’s not campy. It has a dark sense of humor, but not “stupid” humor. I’m presenting a very absurd idea with a very serious tone. Most films of this type, from say Roger Corman or Troma would play this up as camp. This is a “unique” approach to something very bizarre, almost surreal in a way like a David Lynch film. I guess you could ask yourself, what would a film look like if David Lynch made a horror film for Roger Corman. Perhaps “Bunnyman 2” is the answer to the question?

LAHorror:  What are some of the inspirations behind this film?  Not necessarily other movies, but ideas/art/etc.?

Lindbergh:  The idea stems from taking something very innocent, say either a bunny suit or a school bus sign, and turning it on it’s head. Playing with the symbolic nature of seeing a school bus sign, but with blood on it. I believe it’s a striking image, and tells the viewer a lot with saying any words. It’s this contradictory nature that runs through the Bunnyman films. Another example, we’ll have someone die in a grotesque way however we’ll present it in a way, that the audience can’t help but laugh as it happens.

The cinematic influences on “Bunnyman 2” are a diverse range of films. Two two primarily influences I see in the film is the “Friday the 13th” series of films and Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life”. Talk about two complete different films. “Bunnyman 2” has the mood, feel, atmosphere of a Malick film such as “Days of Heaven” etc. however within that world we have a serial killer disposing of bodies as what you would see in a 80’s slasher film.

LAHorror:  What are the overall plans for “Bunnyman 2”?  Any screenings scheduled yet?

Lindbergh:  The primary goal is securing distribution. I’m not convinced it’s worth going the festival route as opposed to going straight to the distributors themselves.  If the eventual distributor decides to screen the film, I would of course support that decision.

LAHorror:  How was the cast/crew?  Cool people?  Small or large group?

Lindbergh:  I can’t speak highly enough about the cast. They put up with harsh conditions, 120 degree heat, meat eating bees etc. They went above and beyond what a filmmaker could ask from them. We had a small crew of about 12 people, i.e. a few amount of people doing multiple jobs.

LAHorror:  What are your favorite horror films/directors?

Lindbergh:  Obviously the horror classics such as the original “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween” and “The Evil Dead” series of films. I’m a big fan of more obscure horror films such as “Phantasm” and “Cemetery Man.” The directors that I’m truly inspired by are Ridley Scott and Tim Burton.

And in case you were wondering, “Bunnyman 2” is the sequel to “Bunnyman.”  Check out the trailer!

Certainly seems like this bunny doesn’t CARROT all who gets in his way…stay tuned for reviews of both films!

Be sure to check out “Bunnyman 2” on Facebook!

LA Horror Review: “Bloody Wedding”

Kate Murdoch and Brad Coffey fight for their lives in “Bloody Wedding”

Who doesn’t like a good wedding?  There’s the dinner, the free booze, delicious cake and memories that will last a lifetime. But in the case of “Bloody Wedding,” the new over-the-top slasher flick from Sharkey Films, that lifetime may be a lot shorter than you might expect…

The set up is simple.  Cindy (Kate Murdoch) is about to marry Pierce (Ryan Sulak), the handsome man of her dreamsShe goes through the typical problems that all brides face – getting the flowers ready, an occasionally grumpy fiancé, bitchy, nasty relatives and unwanted wedding guests.  Yet, all of those things seem trivial when the wedding party begins to get horrifically murdered.  The suspects are everywhere with a slew of potential motives, and as the body count rises, Cindy realizes that nobody can be trusted…not even the ones she loves dearest.

“Bloody Wedding” lives up to its name – there is a wedding, and it is bloody.  But that’s not the only reason that it’s a terrific success.   The art of creating an enjoyable low budget horror film can be tricky, but “Bloody Wedding” kills it (pun intended).  This movie has everything horror enthusiasts could hope for – loads of blood, genuine laughs and, of course, plenty of beautiful women (and men) being killed in some brilliant ways.  While we don’t want to give away too much, one thing must be said:  “Bloody Wedding” has one of the most terrific sex-to-kill scenes since the original “Friday the 13th.”  Note from this reviewer:  LOOK UNDER THE BED BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX.

Tawny Amber Young finds herself in a rough spot.

Now, “Bloody Wedding” isn’t necessarily the scariest horror film ever made and that’s just fine.  It does utilize a number of slasher clichés, but they are easily forgivable due to the tongue-and-cheek nature of this movie.  It knows exactly what it is and doesn’t have to apologize for it.  “Bloody Wedding” is the sickest, sexiest and goriest wedding you’ll ever attend. Just one look at the remarkably attractive wedding party, and you’ll send in your RSVP faster than you can say, “I do.”

But while the actors are undoubtedly good-looking, don’t write them off as your typical “all beauty, no brains” horror cast. Each character is developed and interesting, and there really aren’t any sore thumb performances whatsoever.

Marguerite Insolia and Mike Pfaff put up with the crude antics of Jordan Bates

Most notably, Jordan Bates as the hilarious and crude best-buddy Jim Swim is the glue that holds this cast together.  His ridiculous (and often improvised) one-liners are seriously hysterical and over-the-top.  “I’d go to war for those rocket tits!” was our personal favorite.   Mike Pfaff plays Jackson, the groom’s brother, in a genuine and believable way, and the chemistry he shares with Ryan Sulak certainly has an insidious nature at times.  Bombshells Pason and Tawney Amber Young are terrific bitches and it’s truly a pleasure to root against them.  Lastly, Kate Murdoch and Brad Coffey (the brother of the bride) are the heart of this story, and they do an amazing job getting you invested in these characters and showing their humanity in an otherwise inhumane setting.  Along with a stellar supporting cast, these performers clearly had their hearts in this project and made it a most memorable experience – we wouldn’t be surprised to see any one of these actors blow up in a major way given the right opportunity.  After all, don’t all the greats start in horror?

Writer/producers Patty Sharkey and Mike Merickel and director Robert Hoover have a lot to be proud of with this piece.  They set out to make an enjoyable horror film and they did just that.  While “Bloody Wedding” may not get a massive theatrical release, it certainly has the potential to be a cult favorite in no time at all.  Do yourself a favor and send your RSVP to “Bloody Wedding.”  This is one wedding that people are dying to attend, so don’t miss it!

Please visit “Bloody Wedding” on Facebook.  Also take a peek at Sharkey Films first feature “Homeless Joe.”  Music for “Bloody Wedding” was provided by Old Man Markley.